Sunday, August 05, 2007

MS's 21st Birthday

This video clip is specially dedicated for Ms. Ming Siew,

As u can c, its all about shoes. Yea, Ming Siew, the pretty ger loves shoes absolutely much and bags too.

Dearest Siew,

It's been so great being ur fren for the past 1 yr. This ger is my very good shoppin buddy and apart fr dat, she is also someone u can talk to and crap to a lot. She is someone whom u noe u can trust in to listen to ur prob. Sometimes she can be very blur and miss classes or go class when there is supposedly no class. =p. We share the same view on many topics and together we will form the Anti-Disloyal Men Club in future with the rest of the gers in class. haha. Ming Siew dear, on ur 21st birthday, i hope that u have a good time and i hope that u grow stronger with each experience u went through. It's a tough fight out there and there are sure to be many obstacles in life. But no matter wat, i will always stand by u ok? Lets work hard together to complete our studies successfully and all d best in watever u do. Hope our frenship goes on for a long long long more time to go. love u darling. muacks =) HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!


I will update on MS's bday dinner soon when i get the pics. Something wrong with my msn share folder today (sigh).

MS wif her Hermes handbag cake.

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