Friday, August 31, 2007

The Nation's Golden Birthday

MerDeka! MerDeka! Merdeka! Yea, it's our nation golden 50th birthday and thanks to that, we have traffic jams and human jams everywhere. R dropped by KL today for a one day trip (and sort of to pre-celeb my bday for me i guess *grin*). We went to KLCC. First stop was to grabbed some lunch, but as we r planning to have buffet dinner, we decided to have a not-so-heavy lunch. We wanted to try out Haagen Dazs chocolate fondue but it was not available today, so we settled with the 'Flower Blossom' (6 diff flavor of ice cream, waffles, guavas and strawberries). Yummy!

Flower Blossom

Among the 6 flavors are the cookies and cream, macademia nut, belgian choc, strawberries, green tea and mango sorbet

I wanted to fin lunch in 15 min cz i wanted to watched the fish feeding (which is fr 3-3.30pm) at the Aquaria. But, due to cashier prob and delayed bill, we missed the fish feeding. There are a wide variety of fishes (Sand Tiger shark, stingray, eel, clownfish, arapaima and many many more), sea creatures, reptiles, spiders and even monkey in the Aquaria. In conjunction wif Merdeka Day, there were celebrities doing the 'Merdeka' dive in the Aquaria. It's not a very big place but at least there were some unique species and realli huge fishes and toads.

To the Aquaria...i jz kinda love walls like dis..hehe

Some type of sea creature

Starfish..they are pretty hard shellfish!

The giant toad


Alligator-thorn tortoise

Tiger tarantula

School of fish

The trademark of Aquaria..definitely can find dis in all Aquaria ads

Giant Arapaima and White Pompret

The Arapaima yawns several time

Lion fish

At the beginning of the walkway underwater tunnel

I cant recognise which celeb is dis..haha

The Sand Tiger Shark

Coral reefs

At the Media Prima

I dno wat kinda fish is dis but they swim vertically instead of horizontally like all ode fishes

This fish is very cute cz it swims 'blindly' around

Bubble jellyfish- blue, brown n white

This fish has puffy cheeks n likes hiding in between rocks

Hugging dis shell creatures home

Dont bite me!

Penguin + clownfish = Clownguin? the gift shop

Lastly, we went to Benkay at Nikko Hotel for dinner. They are currently having the eat-all-u-can promotion so R suggested we go try der. Their sushis are very, very fresh and i love their teppanyaki and sukiyaki. However, i don quite like the shabu-shabu because it is reali clear and tasteless.

I wna sit down a while after walking whole day!

Fresh selection of seafood

The eat-all-u-can menu..quite lil selection actuali


Sukiyaki - sweet n salty base soup eat this with peanut sauce (i tink taste weird) n salty chilli sauce

Spider (soft shell crab) and spicy tuna handroll

Salmon, scallops, prawns, chickens n mix veg teppanyaki

Oysters, butter fish, beef gets too oily and salty the 2nd round

Roy and me @ Benkay

Well, went to watched the musical fireworks competition at Putrajaya on Thurs nite with Shir and her bunch of classmates. We reached there quite early to prevent jam n roadblock and ended up waiting 3 hours before team Japan finally start their display of fireworks in the hibiscus pattern.The wait was reali boring cz ders reali nth to watch (minus the half hour of groove dance performance and fashion show) or do and we only suffer fr aching legs cz ders barely places for us to sit too. There are just so many ppl der, many r photographers ever ready with their huge camera n tripod stand.

At the struck of midnite, we shouted Merdeka for more than 3 times i tink and even stand still n sang to the national anthem (such a long time since i sang the anthem!haha). Then, the long awaited fireworks started synchronized to the music they chosen. Team Japan really put up a good show with 30 minutes of beautiful fireworks, some include the very unique spinning pattern, love and star shape fireworks. The feeling was simply exhilarating and beyond words as sparks of fireworks explode continuously before ur eyes!

Then, we jam for bout anode 3 hours (almost 2 hours alone in Putrajaya) b4 i finally managed to get home! We were so hungry n planned to go for supper but after all the jam, we were too tired to go for supper. It was reali quite a test of patience, the fireworks was definitely magnificent and worth us goin der to watch, but the wait n jam?

The long rows of cars..i dont like jam

Ooh..we r so sick of jam

The Seri Gemilang bridge fr PICC

Yay, i got the tickets!

Clown performance

Shir n me in front of PICC

Shir's hsemate, me n Shir

The groove dance performance

Look carefully, there tiny tiny S-shape in this firework..looks like plenty of H.Pylori rite?haha (okok..this may b a bit exaggerating)

The explosive ending..well done team Japan

Seriously, i watched the rest of the teams fr you-tube (yea, do go to youtube to catch the beautiful fireworks of the comp teams) and i tink that Msia n Japan r reali the best teams. =)

So, this is how i spent my Merdeka n counting down to Merdeka day. In 2 hours, im catching a plane back to JB (hurray!). Despite the jams and waiting, i reali like to thank Shir for providing me transport and Roy for taking so much effort to pre celeb my bday with me. I truly appreciate it and am reali happy! Thanks!

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