Saturday, August 11, 2007

Updates for the week

It's Friday again and time for update for the week. We had Msia Studies final exam dis week. It's last min study again (not gd not gd) but i tink i will b able to pass..hehe.. hopefully den i can say goodbye to Malaysia Studies for the rest of my life. But in return, my formative assessment was 'sacrificed'. Only managed to touched on anatomy and a lil of pancreas disorder and Dr. K actuali include ques supposedly for next FA. And, i din touched on physio at all.. But, i don reali feel sad knowing i mite do badly in dis paper cz mayb it's a 'free'week next week or maybe once u come to term dat ders no hope, u wont feel so disappointed. Smt like the more u hope 4 smt, the more disappointed u will get and vice versa.

Neway, i finished watching 3 movies in one night. If u r in for 1 n half hour of humour (not logical but funny), den watch The Simpsons. If u feel like scaring ur wits out and scream, den watch Dead Silence. Seriously, it reali made me scream, much scarier feeling when i watched Alone. Those chucky-like puppet dolls and d ending reali was pretty unexpected. So, after watching horror movie, we need some light hearted, funny movie to cheer up our feeling, so i watched Ratatouille.

Here's the spider pig theme song from the Simpsons, quite funny song :

We been eating a lot lately. D'lish by Ms Read also just open at Mid Val recently. So looking at all their tempting cupcakes, we decided to try some. The cafe also have dis tv in the wall that adds diff dimension to dining experience. The two recommended cupcakes r the double choc with marshmallows and the banana-chocolate cupcake. The cupcakes are good, looking good and tasting as good. However, i wont recommend u all to go to dis Mid Val outlet, mayb try goin to the outlet in Bangsar Village or elsewhere. (i don hv anything against them and their cupcakes r reali gd, at least the ones we tried)

Double Chocolate Cupcake with Ganache and Marshmallows

Cheese and Raspberry Brownie Cupcake with White Chocolate Curls

Cupcakesssssss..a true heaven for cupcake lovers

We also decided to have dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse, leaving us all feeling very full that night.

Darlings at San Francisco Steakhse

Forgot wat is the actual name, but its actuali broth in bread..yummy

Supreme Chicken..i like their gravy

Beef bacon, cheese sauce and egg carbonara..i love the cheese sauce

Chicken penne with tomato sauce

But unfortunately, despite the food being pretty good, we found a dead insect (highly suspected fly) in our drink. And the manager attitude was reali bad when we complained to her bout the fly. It's not like we are making a big fuss or wat, but we told her reali politely and just hoped that she can gv us a proper explanation, after all we do have our rights as consumers but she jz looked at the fly, gave a very insincere apology and a lame excuse of why we most prob found fly in their drinks.

Cant really made out wat insect is it..but 90% a fly

Neway, here are some of the pic we took at MS's bday dinner at Bumbu Bali Restaurant last Sat. The restaurant is in Puchong and its a Balinese restaurant. On that day itself, 4 other table were actually celebrating birthdays too. The food is pretty ok, i don reali fancy Balinese food but its a bit pricey. However, i tink the portions are large enuf to allow sharing for moderate eaters (most prob gers).

It's a Hermes Birkin handbag. Ms wna made it obvious by carving 'Hermes' onto it

"I'm wishing for a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,etc etc......."

Group pic at Bumbu Bali

Nasi Kambing Bumbu

Nasi Ayam Bertutu..i tink dis is very nice

Chicken and fish combo

Fish spaghetti, Bali style..not bad also

Green Apple splash, there's a mixture of green apple and mint sensation

ES's actuali coconut drink with assorted jackfruit, banana, sago, honeydew and shredded coconut..a few sips gv a very refreshing feeling but more than 10 sips will get u feeling very sick with sweetness

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Hey alli~
i think u love food so much!!!lol..everytime blog bout food de..make my saliva drop only lol..k la take care n miss u lotz!=)


heya, miss...besides eating, food picture,what can you do? fact i do a lot of ode stuff..but aint food good?mayb i shd consider a food blog! haha..n yitong, i miss u too..

to anonymous again, actuali food are just part of my posts..we r after all malaysians,n we live to eat, dont we? so enjoy looking at all dos yummy food :)

AHEM, AUGUST birthdays sure alot hor, when are u coming to SG to celebrate mine?!

haha..nor nor..i wna go too! but its on a Wednesday! belated can ar? :p

can, can of course can! provided u celebrate mine before i have to celebrate yours, HAHAHA!

nor : not even back to celeb my dad's bday le..sob sob..hmm u throwing party? going Giraffe?