Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wild Rice Restaurant

I went out for lunch with RK today at Wild Rice Restaurant at the Boulevard Hotel in Mid Val. He got free vouchers to go there for lunch, so why not? hehe..Sometimes i wonder if ppl have any sense of direction because when we ask for directions for Boulevard Hotel, ppl keep telling us it is BESIDE San Francisco Steakhse but the fact is it is on the opposite end of San Francisco Steakhse. Anyway the place is pretty pack for lunch, with a lot of office ppl, probably entertaining clients or jz for lunch. The buffet choices are so-so only and certainly not worth the price if u ask me. The food oso tasted so-so only. (but i still went 5 rounds, wat a pig rite, haha..but lasted till dinner so okla) I noe plenty of other place that serves better with this price. (RM 43++). Anyway, there are counters for us to make our own ice-kacang, rojak, and penang laksa and soto mee. Their service is pretty efficient, they will refill the food as soon as they finish. I think the place will look very beautiful at nite as it is beside the pool. I enjoyed the deserts the most. :)

The buffet area of the restaurant

Me n RK

Some of the main courses includes fish in tomatoes, lamb stew, local cuisines such as mee goreng etc, cold cuts and squids.

Their cheese tart is good but the chocolate brownie is not gd at all..too sweet

I wil stil be having assessment tomoro, then its gna be a good long weekend, i hope! I'm onli at causes of diarrhoea, hope i don get "diarrhoea" looking at the paper tomoro! =(

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WaH! the girl in the picture looks pretty as WELL as the yum yum food..kekekeke the way, do they serve baked cheese rice and walnut ice-cream?

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sori 4 d late reply..nope dey don serve both bake cheese rice n walnut ice cream =)

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