Monday, September 03, 2007

The Golden Keys

I had got my GOLDEN key. Keys to be i had one fr daddy n 1 fr mummy(which is not exactly gold either..haha) , which means im officially an 'adult'. (but im forever a kid in my parent eyes) =)

I was home (in JB) for the weekend, but in less than 24 hours due to the miss flight. I only managed to catch a dinner wif my family (my bro wasnt even der, he was involved in some St.John National Day marching n annual dinner in Segamat). We had dinner at Nijyumaru, a Jap restaurant in Permas. We all had nv been der but my dad's fren recommended dat place so we decided to go for a try. The food tasted pretty good and its not too say super pricey. No wonder there were so many ppl eating there and we had to wait for bout half an hour b4 we got our turn.

Scanning thru the menu wondering wat shd i have

So after running thru the menu, we decided to hv some yuki hana maki, sake teriyaki, kimunchi ramen, torikatsu don and ten don. (basically soft shell crab sushis, salmon, kimchi ramen, chicken cutlet smt n tempura)

Daddy happy wif his meal

Sis wif her ramen

Mummy halfway thru her chicken

Slurp..the soup is very appetizing

Tempura set

I also had my bday cake the next day, b4 going back to KL..wif my bro around,

Chocolate cake fr Lavender

Neway, it was drizzling in the evening on Sunday and we were hoping the rain will go away so that we can watched the grand finale of the MIFC at Putrajaya. Thank God it was not so jam along the highway fr the south to KL. ( I heard the jam was reali terrible fr the north to KL). Fortunately, by 10 pm, the rain had stopped and we could actuali get rite up to the spot exactly where ppl who paid RM 38 for the tickets were.

I still tink Team Japan was the best team. I love their creativity and beautiful display but the competition was won by team Australia. Part of the Seri Gemilang bridge was even litted by the fireworks. All 4 teams performed on dat day with a wonderful closing by Pyrofest team fr Canada. We managed to captured some of the beautiful displays.

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