Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone celebrating this festival. :) The moon was supposedly very round and bright tonight but it had been covered by dark clouds. Actuali im not too sure bout the history of the mid autumn festival, i only know it has smt to do with Chang Er, the moon fairy, lanterns and of course mooncakes! hehe (i still have my dark choc n raspberry cheese mooncake fr Baker's Cottage, hv to get better only can eat).

Neway, this yr, the Chinese Cultural Society of my uni organized a Mid Autumn Festival celebration that was open to the public and im part of it too. The event went smoothly with plenty of performances to watch such as chinese yoyo, martial art, modern dance, traditional chinese dance etc among others and no one was injured. However, the only sad part was i was expecting plenty and plenty of food but i tink the amount of food was too lil and not much choices. It was a partial charity event and part of the money will be donated to the House of Joy orphanage. Our local artiste, Serene oso grace the event with her presence. Her fans must be really happy to see her performing live in our uni! So after all the hard work by the members of the CCS, the event finally ended pretty successfully i must say :)

The medical team

me, Sw and MS in front of the lantern tree

PJ, the event chairman giving his speech

Drum performances by primary sch kids

Chinese yoyo

Streetdance by the kids fr House of Joy

Chinese Traditional dance

The president of the CSS singing

Lou bought an album of Serene and got her signature. Of course, we grab the opportunity to snap a pic wif her as well. hehe.

Lou, upcoming local talent, Serene and me

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hm..the t-shirt u wearing..
u know wat is the words is it..
frankly..u look like angmong bit..u tell ppl u duno how to speak chinse..i think they will believe..haha....

haha..nope..honestly i don noe wat it said..hehe

why i dont see any moon cakes at all=P
By the way, wats Serene chinese name?

haha..mooncakes are in the stomach already =p..paiseh..i dno wats her chinese name..will find out soon..hehe

詹雪琳 is her chinese name...hehe...yee...alli ar...the pic u edit why become like this de...lol...will let u see mine...haha..hai...all becos of my 'cybershot' fon...sien...spoil the pic of me & serene...LOL~~~

haha..ok thanks..cybershot oso no use..mine normal 2.0 megapix can be better oso..=p

Never heard of this singer's name before?

She is a local upcoming artiste so thats why perhaps u have not heard of her yet..hehe

she is so famous, the most important is, she is so talented. i think she is the 2nd penny tai in malaysia. penny tai having her very own character and so do serene. other local artist i dun see that they have their own character and style. they are jus commercial artist.