Sunday, September 09, 2007

My 21st Birthday

It's another weekend. About a month more before finals so hopefully this is the last weekend i still play b4 gearing up for finals..hehe. I went with MS, Jian n BS to Queenspark this afternoon and we realised that a Mango outlet have open there. And upon asking, we were told that the outlet had opened bout 2 months ago. hehe.. If u happen to b on the bigger side or the smaller side, which means not the average girls size, then u can definitely find clothes that fits u n much cheaper than the retail stores here. I bought 3 bottoms and 1 top for less than RM 100! Happy happy..hehe..

Neway i met up with RK 4 dinner last nite. We went to Italiannes at 1U. At where else but Italiannes can u find bread dip in olive oil and vinegar..haha..The pasta helping was indeed huge, it is meant to be share by two person. And, RK being a guy with an appetite smaller than a girl, we couldnt even manage to finish the salmon fettucini we ordered. The meatballs too are huge, about golf balls size. And the tomato puree that goes with the meatballs are just nice, not too sweet nor sour. After a sweet lunch or tea at Dlish in the noon with AP n BS, my tastebud is fully satisfied with the balance between sweet and salty. :)

Salmon fettucini..quite a generous amount of salmons and the cheese..yum yum

Golfball size meatballs

On Fri, due to my fault of leading MS the wrong way, we ended up in Bukit Bintang instead. We went to Lecka-lecka (finally) for gelato ice cream. Hmm..the place is open air, which means they will have to pray hard for no rain at nite for it to b able to open for business and has ambience that feels as tho u r in the midst of Middle East. The gelato is very good, it's said to be 98% fat free, so guess dats another reason for afraid-to-be-fat ppl to consume ice creams..hehe..

We also went to the entrance of JW Marriot. Why the entrance?haha..thats because there's these optic fibers that continuously change colors and it is very beautiful to just stand in there and look at the lights changing color.

The continuous change of lights

At Lecka-lecka

The other side of Lecka-lecka

Cosi vicino gia finora! A volte, un persona potere essere fisicamente molto vicino al tu, ma voi non sapere cosa di quello persona e fare o pensando. Quando io sono con mio buono amico n questi tipo di sentimenti circondare mi, non posso che sentire un ondata di tristezza attorno mi.

Just in case you all are wondering if my blog had been hack into some foreign blog,! It's still mua blog. Hmm c if any1 can guess wat language is dat?haha..On a happier note, i jz wna update on how i spent
my 21st bday in KL (yea..i noe im kinda slow n some of u r askin me, but it had been a busy week last week, sori 4 d delay)..

Neway a pic speaks a thousand i tink the pics will do most of the talking this time..hehe..

two big 21! how can i not be reminded dat i hv the right to vote now..haha

This came out fr some sort of firecracker

BS playing the guitar or attempting to

These are the ppl who came to my hse and sang Happy Birthday to me the moment the clock struck 12

Not forgetting my other housemates

The whole word was suppose to be light up

Haagen Dazs ice cream cake

This cheese and choc fondue was specially prepared by the great chef, BS

Another birthday cake

Choc brownie complimentary of Planet Hollywood

Among some of our delicious dinner

And of course, how can we go without pic taking..

The staff at Planet Hollywood make me stand on stage while they sing me birthday songs

After 10, the band will start playing. The Superfriends they r call, they can sing quite well

21 cute lil pigs

Prezzie from all the loveliers

I'm really happy and touched by what all these ppl (most of dem r my coursemates who stayed in Tmn Connaught) did fr planning, acting to carrying out the surprises. Thank you for everything u all had done. I like to thanks everyone that had left me birthday wishes and comments, whether it was thru friendster, sms, call or blog. Thanks to Yen, Nor, Shir and Rosanne for ur wonderful blog post and remembering even so tiny details of our frenship. It reali mean a lot to me to noe that u all take our frenship as important as i do. I dont hv to mention names, im afraid i will accidentally leave any1 out which i dont wish to, but i believe we each know who u are and im sure u all noe deep down i reali appreciate wat u all did and for all the lovely and wonderful presents. Because of u all, I definitely had an unforgettable 21st birthday =)

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rj : diet ur so lil..i will become u soon! haha

rosanne : its sony w70 and my fon camera..dats y i reali thank thos ppl who put in so much effort to make it unforgettable :)

You really have a group of great are so blessed!!
NICE NICE picture there^-^

yalah!! u so xin fu!! jealous leh!!
i wanna be muscular leh!!
dun wan be "Pui Kia"!! haha..

haha..dats y u all cant imagine how much i love and appreciate these ppl! rj, go gym more..den can b muscular..:p

haha...i know wat is it :P
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haha..wat old? jz enter adulthood only :p..neway thanks..