Friday, September 21, 2007

My Best Roomie

I opened the door and walked into an empty room. I suddenly felt so empty. I got too used to greet my roommate or she greeting me everytime i step into the room after coming back from somewhere. But tonight, she had moved after finally finding her single room.

Although its just a mere two months that we were roomie, but she is definitely the BEST roommate i ever have. All along i am always happy and wanted a single room also, so u cant imagine how happy i was when my 1st roommate moved out. But right now, i wish i had my roommate wif me. I really don't mind sharing a room with her, cz she had been my pair of listening ears lately and the cute ideas she have in her head, u cant just imagine it..haha

She is the type of ger that u can be really comfortable with even without talking to each other. You noe how sometimes the mere presence of someone is a comfort? Yea, she is one who can gives me such a feeling. In times when im bored or lonely, she will be the one to accompany me to talk and she gave me very good advises when i need them. She really inspires me a lot oso cz she is one super hardworking ger that studies a lot and she shows me that its ok to be alone at home. There's plenty of things that you can do with yourself.

We have come to this point of understanding and give and take so much so that we have grown so accustomed to each other habits. I will miss her, seeing her bright cheerful smile, hearing her chirpy voice, and some of her dirty lil secrets. hehe.. I can still rmb seeing this sweet lil Kelantan girl the 1st time when she moved in, n i tot, this ger looks quiet and im afraid i will disturb her wif my talkativeness. But, lo n behold, ders no such thing as a quiet person once they gets comfortable with u and boy, she can 'bully' me at times oso..haha..

Hopefully when i get a new roomie, it will be someone i can click as well as her, and as wonderful a roommate as her :)

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shifu dun be too sad ya..
it is all fate..
no matter in future what roommate u will meet...but it is all arrange by god for u to learn ya..remember u always have me

haha..don happy for her oso..sure thing :)

Hopefully you can get another good roommate soonest possible or you prefer to stay alone?

hmm i do like to stay alone..more privacy..haha..but if i have to have a roomie, i just hope its someone dat we can compromise with each other habits ;)

hey she left ? really ? why ?
hmm... hehe... that girl u r praising... is my school mate and fren leh wahaha... so proud of kelantan wahaha... we all good ppl wahaha... am i getting too much ? haha... i find u another kelantan girl to bu ur room mate haha

haha..yup i noe u noe her fr the 1st day itself..u find somebody as nice as her for me..=p