Monday, September 17, 2007

Will you.....?

Sitting in a small corner of my room, staring out at the starless night sky, these thoughts of 'will you' jz came gushing..

1. Will you be able to forgive someone who had not only once, but time and again hurt you deeply?

2. Will you be able to forget all the pain and hurt this person had done onto you and truly sees this person as a friend again if you had forgiven him/her?

3. Will you be willing to save a life of someone who had once cause you to fall badly and lost everything that you own including your love ones, your happiness and your job?

4. Will you be able to trust someone that had once lost your trust the same way again?

5. Will you be able to swallow back your pride and ego and admit that you are wrong to someone snobbier than you?

6. Will you be able to love someone that had broke your heart deeply again?

7. Will you stand for justice or will you stand for your best fren/family if they had committed a crime and standing for justice will mean death penalty for them?

8. Will you stick by someone whom the whole world had misunderstood and sticking by him/her will mean you will be boycott as well?

9. Will you be able to say sorry to someone that you had misunderstood and hurt all along, thinking that this person had hurt you only to realize in the end the person most hurt is dat someone instead?

10. Will you call someone not a fren in need, uncaring or not understanding towards you if in the 1st place you were the one not willing to share your problems with this person?

11. Will you follow the opinion of ur best fren blindly or without analyzing on ur own what he/she says/tinks bout another friend?

12. Will you tell someone you are not happy with your opinion about them and why you are not happy with them and be willing to discuss about the issue or will you rather keep the matter to yourself and talk bout the person behind you jz because you find it awkward to talk it out face to face with this person?

13. Will you neglect a fren just because he/she appears to be happy, busy and surrounded by a lot of frenz all the time?

Hmmm..jz some random tots again..haha..i tink we all need to tink at least a moment before we can give ourselves answers, right?

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ow~so many question...cant finsh reading also..
i read n answe it one by one lo..tmr off..haha
1.when he/she hurt is hard to forgive.but time pass u will get to forgive him..when u realise something."fate"
2.depends d case...some i can forgive..some cant...especially"her"..u know..
3.i will.cos life of someone n fall badly and lost everything that you own including your love ones, your happiness and your job is 2 different things..i lost sothing sure i will get something..given better than accept will be careful more than trust
5.i will if i think im wrong.human learn to admit mistaken since kids
6.maybe yes if i really love him,how he treat me also nvm..
8.ya.cos she need my support...
9.yes,i will.say sorry sometimes is d good way to save any relationship
10.ya.sometimes..cos human is selfish...:)evone hope someone to care bout her know my answe i think).i got my own thinking
12.rather keep the matter to yourself .bt if good frd..i will tell la
13.N O-no.i try to know wat she needs

HM..shifu..forgive is better than hate always..remember o..

haha..wa..thanks for answering all d ques..of course i noe forgiveness is better. By forgiving sincerely, u r freeing yourself from the pain that you trap yourself in also.

wah... u frenz(rosanne) really really geng!! haha...
i can answer u also!! hehe..
my answer is forget everything loh!!
so trouble for wat!!?
just keep the happy memories is enough liao mah..

'no hate no forgive'!! just forget!!