Monday, October 22, 2007

Charlene's 21st Birthday

Just came back from Charlene's birthday party. Happy 21st Birthday once again dear ger. This ger still looks as slim, sweet and pretty as always and ever loving with her Mr. Cloud. Back in high school, many people used to say we are twin sister, meaning we look alike. But somehow, i don't think we look alike anymore now..hehe.. It's just a small gathering for us girls, me, SY, CW, Tong and Carissa. The remaining of them are either back in KL, or stuck somewhere someplace. Neway to the bday ger, stay pretty, slim, loving and happy always. Looking forward to the day that u open ur own bakery and come up with ur own cake recipes! Love u always! Muacks!

Just me and the bday ger

Her beautiful key cake from Lavender

Huff and puff the cake

Wen, Tong, Carissa, Char's bf, Char, me and SY

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