Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Day As A NUS Student

Yeah, i was a NUS student for a day! I went course crashing with YJ and Nor yesterday. Well, the day didn't start out practically well. I thought of waking up at 9.00 and get earlier to Sg cz i don wna YJ to be late for class but of all days, my hp choosed to throw a tantrum this morning and it went bizarre, set itself into some default mode and the date was 1.1.2006 which was practically one year ago! So, my alarm did not go off at 9, in fact it never went off at all until my mum woke me up. I hurriedly get dressed and everything, but still i was almost half an hour late by the time i reached the School of Science. Luckily the lecture theater is just next to the bus stop. But neway, astrology class was pretty nice. I mean its astronomy and everything, one of the subjects that interest me many yrs ago. I guessed im lost somewhere along when the lecturer spoke about quasars, nebulas, supermotives blackholes and on and on about galaxy formation. It's actually quite cool that Science students there get to pick modules like that and they even have star gazing, 1 of those stuff that i really like to do many yrs back.

After lecture, i went for lunch at the Arts Canteen, which is one of the best canteens in NUS. Obviously, their 1 canteen alone is so many times bigger than our uni's cafeteria and gosh, they had so much more choices of food, from yong tau foo to jap food to western food, and this fruit juices stall, all at pretty cheap prices too. And well, NUS actually have outlets like Subway and McD within the campus itself. Neway, just did some 'touring' around NUS, and went to the one of their halls, where YJ and Nor stays, Prince Georges Park. It's not one of the best halls, but they certainly look much better than Angkasa Condo on the outside ( and i believe they are cleaner, safer and bigger). Inside is not too bad either, they have nice fountains and parks and basketball courts; only their rooms are kinda small, but well, every1 has single room, so it doesnt matter if its kinda small as long as its enough to accommodate a basic one person . One hall itself can accommodate bout 3000 ppl, and they have 4 halls altogether. Each hall is further divided into residence, and for each residence, they actually have their own tv room, study room, seminar room etc. Well of course, there are also food thefts, i tink food thefts are everywhere, some ppl jz like stealing food fr odes. It's also good to meet some of the exchange students, fr Germany, Canada, n all over the world. It's good to see lots of other international students after seeing just so many Nigerians and ppl fr China in my uni. Of course, there are lotsa China ppl in NUS too due to the Sg political relationship with China, dos stuff.

Well, as i was in the ladies near the IT care at the Sch of Enginnering, i just so happen to overheard this two ladies talking about a customer they attend to just a while ago at IT care. Despite me being there, they were talking as tho i don exist, so yea, i heard everything they said n it went smt like dat:

Lady A : U noe, today been a real busy day. There are just so many ppl. Oh ya, u noe i had one very stupid customer jz now. U gotta hear this, man.

Lady B (in the cubicle) : What? What? i also had a few troublesome and stupid customers today. So tired!

Lady A : This ger called me and sounded urgent. I asked her whats wrong and she said she cant start her laptop without plugging in. Then i asked her y la.. then she say i asked her did she put in the battery? and guess wat? she says NO!

Lady B : Omg! starts laughing loudly...

Lady A : She then says i cant connect to the wifi and.......

Lady B : Thats cz she din turn on the wifi rite? Snorts n laughs even more......both of them laughing hysterically actuali

Lady B came out of the cubicle then and i went in so i didn't bother hearing the rest of their pointless conversation neway. Well, the point is, it may be true that sometimes after a long n tired day at work, we get irritated and annoyed by customers that are just so blur but the question is, is it right for you to be laughing n calling ppl stupid like dat? I mean i noe this is most probably a normal scenario for many ppl, they most prob find the whole story amusing, but perhaps sometimes ppl jz forgets and they call you cz u r the one suppose to offer ur assistance as best as u can. Is it not not ethical to be doing that? Ppl in the service line shd learn how to respect other ppl's problems better. Maybe as in this case, the girl who calls up is realli a muddle head, but i just dont feel right bout them sneering n laughing at her behind her like dat. I noe its not just them, many ppl r like dat, but there's ust smt wrong with this kinda culture.

Neway, while waiting for Nor to fin class and meet up with her, i watched this movie call Apocalypto on YJ's ipod. It is a movie directed by Mel Gibson (but how come i cant find it on9 when i type it in google??) I dno wat does that mean or stand for or even if i spelt it right, but after watching one hour of the movie (when i saw Nor), it is a very interesting movie. In fact, i tink its gna b a very gd movie to watch. The movie is about natives aborigine tribes and i just cant wait to finish dat movie. I was really excited to meet Nor, and its so gd to c her again, getting prettier n slimmer. And every time i c Nor, i c a person with a very bubbly personality which is very good. We had dinner at the Enginnering Canteen this time, and Nor seems to noe i have this craving for cheese today, and she intro me to this baked meal spaghetti which has cheese and really cheap, it only cost SGD 2.20. I noe this may be like a small thing, but i felt really really happy n warm to meet Nor today, its like its been so long since a fren realli rmbs wat i like to eat and takes the effort to br me to eat smt i like to eat without me asking or telling it.

So, after dinner, i went for Nor's class, which was on urban development. It's at 7 pm on a fri nite! Pity dear Nor but the class is pretty interesting actually. I learn about nodes, edges, landmarks etc etc, well half of the time i wasnt realli concentrating, but the lecturer is quite a funny guy, cracking jokes in between. And i dno y i felt this relax feeling which i nv felt in my class in both their classes, mayb its cz of the fact that i noe i dont hv to conc in class cz ders no need for an exam for dis, maybe cz i wont hv lecturers asking me y am i smiling in class, or lecturers that act as tho class is a military camp and we r not even allow to stiffle a yawn n stretch n drink water and go to the toilets etc. :p.. But being a day in NUS realli reminds me of a real campus life, and for a moment i was thinking of why i did not work hard enough during STPM. Getting into NUS medicine course is after all not smt impossible, just that u gotta be a real excellent student. But well, again reality hits and i gotta go back KL in 2 days time. It's not like i don like KL, but i dno y for the 1st time, i felt no warmth there. I'm still with my family but im already missing them suddenly. It's good to see Nor (n Nor's frenz) n YJ today. My day ends really good cz of this 2 ppl. Thanks for the company n i certainly had fun n enjoyed talking to the both of u. ;)

The ger who colours my life

Nor n me somewhere at NUS..near the places where the archi students proudly display their art works

Baked meal spaghetti with seafood..not bad at all rite for SGD 2.20?

Prince Georges Park

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awwwww I miss you alot alot alot ALOT too! I'm so glad you came to NUS and waited for me :):):) It was definitely a wonderfullll day, and I was really very excited to see you too! Hehe! And I'm glad you enjoy lectures here too! Come again soon, and we shall share hilarious stories about brothers and girlfriends and guy friends again ;)

hahaha..sure sure..if dats ok with u..n maybe next time can overnite at ur place =)..take care k..n gd luck in ur exams ;P..hugs*

Hey Martian! Definitely was good to have you around NUS for a day. It was an 'out of this world' experience for me =)
anyway you got all the residence, hall facts all wrong .. but who cares eh? haha ..
enjoy med school .. you're gonna be my doc next time ..

hey plutonian fr the lost world..i wonder how u manage to mask urself into NUS till today..haha..neway u were the one who told me all that, but if im wrong, correct me..haha..n who cares yea? ;p..u study hard oso..dont skip statistics class anymore..hahaha..

i told you the facts, you got it messed up .. don't blame me. but like i said, it doesnt matter..
i juz skipped it again yesterday. haha if any1 like to noe anything about the halls n residence pls ask mr. Jin here..lolz..