Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Don't Search Too Hard Sometimes

Despite the stress dats drowning me dis past few days, i cant help smiling to myself non stop now :)

Sometimes when we are looking so hard for something, we just cant seem to find it. The thing that we are looking for seems to have disappear but when we finally give up the search, it will jz reappear again when u least expect it.

Actually many things in life are like dat. Sometimes all it takes is for us to be able to take a step backward and look a lil further, deeper and beyond things which may be hindering us from searching for what we search for. :)

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Its too profound of your last part of paragraph...i am blur,haha.

haha..hmm perhaps when certain things in life happen, then u will be able to understand wat i mean?

actually i don really understand wat u are trying to say in this blog ler...