Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Singapore Two Day Trip

MS and Lou just went back to KL this morning. It's a rainy day, spent the day relaxing at home and of course, blog bout wat we had done in Sg for this past 2 days. The 1st day we went in to Sg, it was real hot and sunny, a perfect day to be at the beach. We stopped at Wisma Atria and walked all the way till Plaza Singapura, passing by the Heerens, Taka, Centrepoint, Paragon, Tangs, OG and a few other shopping complexes. We had lunch at Mos Burger. It's a fast food burger store thats very popular in Sg, the uniqueness of the burgers being they use rice as the bread instead of the usual bread. If Mos Burger opens in Msia, im sure it will be a big hit. My 1st franchise idea..haha

Unagi burger..Note the abundant unagi and rice burger..yum

Shrimp cutlet burger..we can actually see the prawns when u bite the patty

Beef burger wif rice as bread..yummy yum

MS tinks that their chilli sauce is the best! haha

So after shopping and walking, we were hungry again. And JW queue for almost an hour plus to get the we-heard-so-much-bout-it donuts from Donut Factory at Raffles. Well, other than the wide varieties, the donuts are still donuts. Of course, this donuts are light and fluffy but i tink Donut Factory donuts are very sweet too. I like the white chocolate with strawberries filling the most. I tink that tasted the best. The spicy cheese is kinda weird tasting and most of the rest are very good for ppl with sweet teeth. After all the hu-ha that these donuts created, i don't think they are absolutely that heavenly. I gv it a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

These are all that are left that day. The rest are all sold out

We had dinner at KFC cz seriously there's a slight difference between KFC in Msia and KFC in Sg, their coleslaw and mash potatoes being the most obvious. And i bought this packet of potato chips fr Marks and Spencers thats SGD 6.90. It's even more expensive than Lays but i tink Lays taste better and even Chipster taste better.

The potato chips fr Marks n Spencers

We also tried one of the best take away in Sg, the Chippy chickens. Actuali it's like Uncle Bob dip in plenty of cheese sauce. I tink it's quite good and i actually kind of like it but MS tinks its too cheesy.

And before we end day 1, we took a pic at Wisma Atria trademark aquarium.

We started day 2 feeling all ready for Sentosa but day 2 was a rainy day, raining heavily just as we were about to cross over to Sentosa. Singapore is suppose to be a clean and fine city but look wat we found somewhere along Queenstreet..hehe..but no doubt they are still cleaner than Msia..

Banana skins and rubbish throw between the bushes!

We had lunch at Vivocity at this HK style restaurant known as Asian Culture or smt. The food tasted pretty good. I kinda like it. They also have this similar to lok-lok style thingy but quite expensive cz per stick is SGD 1.90!

The huge variety of choices

Satay beef noodle. The beef is pretty good but the satay sauce taste is quite bland

Wa tan hor..quite worth the price as they have fat prawns and seafood in it..

My durian fried rice...if u like durian, this is certainly smt u must try! It's really good

In conjunction with the movie Balls of Fury, Old Chang Kee came up with this super huge fish balls, size larger than a golf ball or Italianes meatballs

When the rain gets smaller, we finally took the monorail to Sentosa. Was quite looking forward to the beach but as it was a Mon, on top of the rainy weather and damp atmosphere, the beach wasnt reali the best place to be.

Walking in the rain

Pouting yellow 'digi men'

At the Merlion

We went along this dragon trail, thats kinda like a hiking track but a simpler version

At the end of the trail

At Siloso beach

The classic jump

Lifeguard wannabe?haha

And we went to Cafe Del Mar after dinner at Sakae Sushi. Sakae is having this sushi eating challenge. If not for finance constriction, i tink i can easily eat 20 plates a person..hahaha..

At the entrance

Inside Cafe Del Mar, the optic fibers swimming pool in the middle of the cafe

Us at Del Mar

Want a drink but dno how to decide? what bout WHATEVER and ANYTHING? haha

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