Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy 21st PJ

Happy 21st Birthday PJ a.k.a Lovelace a.k.a Abah
It's been so great knowing you for the past 1 n half yr
You had certainly been one of the most mature n responsible fren i noe
Hope that u be happy always n all d best in the next yr to come
And frenz 4eva

PJ n SW came down to JB on Tues, so we took the opportunity to br them around JB and celebrate PJ's birthday in advance. We went many places to eat, including the popular beef noodle near Bluewave Hotel, snow ice, super spicy Taiwan sausages and dinner at George and Dragon Restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is very nicely decorated and i love their blueberry cheesecake a lot. However, i tink the rest of the food is a bit pricey tho.

PJ n his birthday cakes

Us at George and Dragon

My salmon in lemon butter sauce

Ever tot of eating up Sherwood especially during exams? haha..well, dis is known as Sherwood Chicken

Presumably George, the knight in shining armour..haha

Me, SW n PJ at CS

Super spicy Taiwan sausages, u will feel all burn the minute this goes down ur throat

Doraemon Cafe at Johor Jaya

We sent PJ n SW back to Batu Pahat the next day, at the same time going there for a half day visit. Of course, the both of them brought us to eat even more in Batu Pahat. From beef noodle to 'kuey teow kia' alike stuff to omelette n satay, we reali had our fill and a good time.

SW n me at the Batu Pahat Well. This Well has its own history, this is where Batu Pahat begins. Batu Pahat actually means chiseled stones.

JW, me n AP at Minyak Beku. This beach is actually call Minyak Beku..haha

Me at Segenting, a fishing village actuali. It's low tide season now and we can see plenty of mud fishes and tiny colorful crabs, fr blue to white.

This tree is 'cursed' as it cant be cut no matter wat

And look at how the residents arrange their garbage on garbage collecting day

Neway on Deepavali, me n my godbro went to pay Perba a visit. We had a simple lunch at his house and had abundant amount of delicious cookies made by his wife. Just wna wish all dos celebrated Deepavali a very Happy Deepavali.

Me, Mr. Perba n both of his cute sons

The Indian sweets that they made themselves, super sweet

It's Saturday again n sch is starting again. Well, this time it will be another one month plus before we get our Xmas break! Feeling really lazy to start class now..hehe

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you went to perba house??wah..thats so is he??long time since we seen him...we shuold go visit him sometimes..when i go back k??haha..

haha..he is usual, very chatty..dey r having camp in dec and yea, mayb we can go visit him again..haha