Monday, November 26, 2007

In Batu Caves

I went with W to Segambut for lunch today. We went there for seafood noodles. In fact it tasted pretty good, i like the tom yam and for the amount of oysters, prawns, shells, cuttlefish and fish they put in the noodles, i tink that for RM 13 a bowl is pretty reasonable.

After lunch we got lost somewhere till we ended up in Gombak and unknowingly, we ended up at Batu Caves. Well, both of us were certainly not aware of the fact that the Indian ethics were having or planning a gathering there, but when we were there about 4pm, there was certainly no such gathering or sign of it and the whole place is indeed peaceful and filled with Indian devotees and tourists.

I climbed all the way up Batu Caves in this heels! I feel so proud of myself making it up in this in less than 15 min ;p

Batu Caves as we all see it

Me and W at the beginning of the 272 steps (yep, its 272 steps to the top)

Some of the statues at the entrance

The view fr the 272nd step

Finally made it to the top!

Some of the stuff we can see in the cave and of course, the God statues and monkeys can be found inside the cave as well

There's no stalagmite but look at this huge stalactite..finally seeing a real 1 after reading all about it during Geography lessons last time..haha

So, i wasnt at all prepared for any climb up any cave today but i guess sometimes a lil unexpected adventure makes life pretty interesting too :)

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