Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Family Half Day Tour Around KL

1 day seemed to past very quickly. I had almost zzzz a day away. But what is holidays for if not 4 more sleep too? hehe.. Neway my family came to KL yesterday to fetched me home. So, i took them on a half day tour around KL as well. We went shopping mainly. By mistake, we oso ended up at the Tugu Negara. Not bad, the last time i was there was in primary 6 during a school trip. hehe.

Me n my siblings in front of Tugu Negara

Dad n me..a closer up pic

And we went to the Eye on Msia. My 2nd time there. But this time, it was not raining anymore by the time we were there(fortunately) and it was evening so we can see KL better fr the gondola.

They who showers me never ending loves, warmth and care

Some of the views fr the top of the Eye

I'm jz very glad dat my family spared some time to come find me in KL yesterday and i had a great time bringing them around KL, as always =)

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