Saturday, November 03, 2007

1st Week of Sem 2 Yr 2

The weekend is finally here again. The 2nd sem of my 2nd year had started this week but as usual, the 1st week of each sem still felt like holidays. And after all, our 1 week Deepavali break officially starts today, so its holiday again. haha. I had not been studying at all, practically watched movies, online a lot n going to the gym this whole week. Neway the baby genius of the class Hui Wenn turns 19 (only young..haha) yesterday. :)

HW cutting her 2nd cake during the supposedly mahjong session at JW's hse

We went for karaoke session at Neway on Thurs. I believe this is the 1st time we had so many ppl going for karaoke together. Sing and sing and sing, till i nearly lost my voice..haha..

Karaoke sessions

We finally went to the Skybridge at KLCC yesterday. The bridge is supposedly a tourist attraction, so its not somewhere we always thought of going but for a day, we were tourists too and we took many many pics like the tourists did..haha..By 9 in the morning, the queue for the free tickets were already quite long but fortunately we still managed to get the tickets.

The skybridge is the highest skybridge in the world and its situated in between 2 states. Selangor on the left and KL on the right. Well, i nv knew that..hehe..

Breakfast at Starbucks

Guess guess where this pic is taken? haha

Before going up the bridge, we were given a 3D introduction

At the entrance of the skybridge

The view of KL n Selangor fr the bridge

Malaysia's honour, the Petronas Twin Tower

Late lunch at Genki Sushi

So yeah, we finally made it to the top of our country's pride and had a good view of our city. I think everyone of us Malaysians should at least goes up that bridge once though that would mean having to wake up at some unGodly hour but it's definitely a very good experience. :)

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