Saturday, December 29, 2007

Around JB part 1

Boxing Day was HW's 1st day in JB. We started the day with wan tan noodles fr the shop in Century. The usual one that i bring them to was not open dat day, so we went to the other stall which is also my fav.

After wan tan mee, we went to Water Works at Kolam Ayer for laksa. Known for their halal laksa for years, this shop develops fr a small, shabby looking by the drain stall into their current renovated shop.

There's some ingredients in their laksa soup that makes their taste unique

Then at bout 1pm in the noon, when the sun is at its hottest, we went to the City Square ( Dataran Bandaraya, not the shopping complex). Most of the parades in Jb is held here.

The very dull looking dataran in the day. At night it look much better with the lights

Along the way, we ate rojak and banana fritters and finally we went to Sin Win Restaurant in Tmn. Pelangi for steamboat dinner.

Half of the pot is spicy soup, the other half is herbal soup

Other side dishes such as this salad doughstick is quite nice too

Their signature tofu

A happy me ready to tuck in

At last, to wrap up the day, we went to Sri Tebrau hawker centre for their ikan bakar. I still think they have the best ikan bakar in town. Total love :)

Yummylicious ikan bakar

Don't forget to try their kangkung bakar too. Pretty good as well. :)

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