Saturday, December 29, 2007

Around JB part 2

Vincent and his gf came in from Sg today. After picking them up from the checkpoint, we went to CS while deciding where to go next. So, i was at Reject shop and i saw the beach shorts i saw at Tebrau City yesterday and having my size. And i think u all can guessed that i bought the shorts of course. Neway after some thought we went to have AP's fav beef noodle which is one of the most popular beef noodle stall in JB somewhere near Jln. Lumba Kuda that area.

The dry and soup version of the beef noodle

On our way to our next destination, we passed by Foon Yew High Sch and bought rojak from the uncle selling in front of the sch. This uncle rojak is very popular too, so popular that he wont mind if u decide to walk away halfway through your order.

Lido front of the rojak stall

Ta-da.......the rojak fr the uncle..the proportion of everything just right i felt

There are so many pigeons standing on the electric cable around the stall..with a whistle fr the uncle, all the pigeons will fly down to the brick wall

We also went to have ice kacang opposite San Low in Pelangi.

This is ais kacang kosong.. Smt this stall is very popular of..It's just ice, milk, syrup and generous amount of chocolate syrup. You can even add the chocolate syrup as u like..

We went to Tebrau City after that, more shoppings and also to collect the photo we took yesterday. After a while, we decided to go for paintball in Impian Emas but alas, you gotta make an appointment a day before so we could not play it. :(

The paintball base is amidst the oil palm plantation

We had seafood dinner at the Orang Asli restaurant in Perling. The prices for seafood here is quite cheap and the food are quite good here.

Fried Oatmeal prawn

Chilli clams

'Kan-xiang' (i dno how to translate that in English) crab

After a very full seafood dinner

The surroundings of the restaurant

We went to Danga Bay next. Need to walk around to aid digestions..hehe..

@ some part of Danga Bay

The next morning, we went to Coffee Tea cafe in Pelangi Indah for breakfast. The nasi lemak in this coffee shop is their best selling food.

One whole table of food for a breakfast of 5

@ the entrance of this shop.. (its call Gu Wen Cha in mandarin)

Before seeing HW off to the KTM station, we took this last pic at CS..

HW and me

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