Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is Near

Another weekend had passed and we are just about a week away fr Christmas! *grin grin*.. I realized that sometimes im beginning to fl lazy to blog, but at least im still updating it weekly..haha.. Christmas always makes me feel happy, somehow.. I always dream of a white Christmas, where im able to c real snows falling, keeping me mesmerize by the beautiful white snow flakes, b able to build real snowmen and decorating them, me sitting cosily by a warm fire with a beautiful chimney accompanied by the soft jingles of Christmas carols (n no need to worry bout things like assessments), Christmas presents and real Christmas trees. *the image popping up in my brain right now..hehe..*

Neway, i was at Mid Val for lunch today. I had wanted to try Carl's Jr since some time ago, but ever since the Mid Val branch opened, i had not had the chance to go there till today. So, me had their Portobello Mushroom burger, which i found it to be quite nice, i like the taste of the charbroiled beef patty, together with the sauteed Portobello mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayo and after adding some pickles. In fact Carl's Jr portion of food are all pretty huge, their onion rings are so large compare to those serve at A n W, they gv extra fries and their burgers are like HUGE. C tried their Super Star, which consist of two charbroiled beef patties, cheese, sliced onions, lettuce, dill pickles, mayo and some special sauce. We also had the chliies cheese fries instead of the normal ones and of course, the huge onion rings. I was so full after the whole meal. Well, although the burgers look so tempting always over the ads, blogs and pic, but the real thing are actualli not as what had been illustrated. I think the burgers are pretty nice, but for RM 20 smt a set is a bit pricey for fast food burgers. The chillies cheese fries are also so-so only, perhaps because of the chlli sauce but i don't quite like the fries when they are soggy. I still prefer McD fries..hehe..

The onion rings

Chillies cheese fries

The Portobello Mushroom burger..mine is the single patty

Superstar..when the burger is being open up like this, i think they look quite disgusting..haha

Although i missed watching Enchanted on Fri, but all the same, i got enchanted last nite. Oh, the movie is reali fantastic. So romantically sweet in a way and i love the songs. And over a weekend only, the shopaholic me cant resist the temptation of SALES and i ended up spending more than i had planned on shopping! Partly because MNG was having 50% discount. I dno y i like MNG clothes so much.

On Fri nite, i attended Shir's pre- birthday celebration at Empress Cafe at The Curve. I was so glad to be able to meet Sok Ling and Elaine at the party, cz i had not seen that two gers for like eternity. So, gers are always gers, we chatted and chatted the whole nite and without realizing, it was past 1 am. The Christmas decos at The Curve are very beautiful too. I'm waiting for more pics fr SL n Shir. Shir got 2 birthday cakes, one personally made by Wincci, who took 10 hours to complete the very colourful and creative cake. That was really sweet of her. I cant wait, i cant wait to be enchanted by Christmas in Singapore..hehehe... :)

That cake on the left is the cake personally made by Wincci..too bad not close up enuf to be able to c the how creatively done the cake was

Me n darling Shir

Elaine, me and SL

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some nice picture there... Its not what you think to play and make a snowman in the snow, the picture looks beautiful is because of the camera effect.Those who went abroad study should came across its not really that fun. You can ask them whether is it fun or just like a fairly tale story...its just my opinion where i got the infor from friends from oversea.

thanks..aww..i guessed u jz burst my fairy tale bubble :(..hehe..but well, hmm perhaps der r still nice place with beautiful snows..haha worry,its jus a comment. You are right, there are places snowing beautifully,places such as Finland or even China....i am sure you will make your dreams come true someday...Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!