Monday, December 24, 2007

I love My Parents

Sitting in front of my laptop now, after a hot, good shower, i feel refresh again. It felt like such a long day today, with so much of queuing up and waiting to be done in Sentosa Island.

I finally got back to Jb at about 12.30 am, and gosh, there were still so many cars going into SG causing the area in front of the train station to be jam. As i was waiting for my dad to picked me up at Mobil, which was much much more well lit and lively than the back entrance of CS, i was kinda worried actually that he might not be in a good mood when i sees him as he will always gets more easily irritated and grumpy when he is stuck in jams, on top of its kinda late already (he doesnt like me to get home after 12 midnight actuali, with occasional exceptions tho..hehe) , but when i finally saw him, he was kinda in a good mood actually. i guessed all my initial worries were unfounded.

Well, it just reminds me again of how great and unconditional our parents love are to us. No matter what time is it of the day, no matter how troublesome it is, no matter how much they wish they could just stay home and get ready for bed or sleep in, as long as we need them to provide us transport, they will always try deir best to do so. Since young, my parents had always fetch me here and there, the countless times for school and also to my friend's parties, hang outs, movie session, dinners etc etc, i always find myself very fortunate because i have parents who are willing to chauffeur me here and there, especially at odd hours like this. And yes, so i would just wna say the gratitude i feel for all they had sacrifice for me is irreplaceable and i recognize the love they had for me, so although i do find them over protective and not understandings at times, but i do love them tremendously too, a love that nothing can replace. =)

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hey haha i enjoyed singapore too tho super dead tiring..terrible walking esp when its under the sun and with like lots of ppl at the mrt and bus stand in sentosa island..haha..thanks for taking us round..tho i still would laugh at the empty fountain which we dragged our legs to see :P thanks alli :)