Monday, December 03, 2007

Kitaro Live in Genting

Last weekend, me, AP, JW, PJ and SW went to Genting to watch Kitaro live in concert. From KL to Genting is only about an hour bus ride and we spent a weekend enjoying the chilly weather. The two hour concert was totally fantastic. To watch Kitaro play live is so much different than watching him fr youtube cz u can totally feel the mesmerizing effects of his music and he is truly a very talented multi instrumentalist. The way he plays drum is simply so gorgeous. The concert was held at the Arena of Stars and when he ended with his most popular piece, Matsuri, the almost packed stadium filled with 6000 audience gave him a standing ovation.


There were so many ppl at Genting that day. Look at the queue at the cable car station.

Here are some of the pics we took at the Arena of Stars,

The front view

This 3 superman or ultraman wannabes

Kitaro playing live!

The crowd clapped n clapped n cheered and gave him the standing ovation at the end of the performance

The 5 of us...we were actually secretly hoping to be able to take back that big bunting behind us

Me n JW fr where we sat

Of course how can we not take the chance to go to the outdoor theme park. We only managed to played 3 games, cz we gotta queue for like an hour before its our turn each time. There were ongoing magic performances. We also tried archery and rock climbing. My very 1st time doing both. Archery can be reali strenuous to the arm. Not a sport i like a lot. We were given 20 arrows but all failed attempt to hit the bull's eye. haha. Rock climbing is ok but i need to train more. hehe. But all in all, it had been fun and altho its tiring, but i had a good time in Genting. ps: Kitaro is reali worth watching! :p

Energizer : Never say die!

Mr. Santa and i..if onli Santas were real and we can write them wishes

What a huge gingerbreadman

Me and SW

Only JW managed to make it to the top! The rest of us, its time to exercise more! haha

Looks easy, but no..its requires a lot more strength than I thought

It was definitely a very relaxing getaway for the weekend. And yes, I want to watch Kitaro live again! :)

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heya.. u know where can I get the concert video record?

hmm i think maybe you can try getting it fr youtube or wait a while more for the dvd on the concert to be release. :)

So nice... u get to watch Kitaro!!!!!
It must have been really really inspiring. But.. there's just one thing i wanted to ask.. Were all the audiences females? Because u said 6000 of them gave him a standing ovulation. hehehe... Ally, ally, are these symptoms of u being a future doctor?! =P

hahaha..ZOMG..wat a huge i typed this post at like 2,3 am when im almost falling asleep..n dats how the freudian slip came in i guess..haha..neway thanks for pointing out if not i wouldnt hv realized it!

take care babe..:)

found out ur blog when i am searching something bout kitaro..well my cousin is a big fans of him as well...if possible u can update me any of his news..=)