Monday, December 10, 2007

My Chemical Romance Live at Stadium Merdeka

It was a rainy Sun evening but that did not dampen the spirits of hundreds, perhaps thousands of My Chemical Romance fans to marched on to the Black Parade. Me, Kz and Ed went for lunch cum dinner at Pavillion before heading down to Stadium Merdeka. We reached there at about 5.15 pm actually but decided to wait till about 6pm before walking towards the stadium. It was still drizzling and there were already so many ppl queuing at the entrance gates waiting to go in.

All 3 of us in black, ready for the Black Parade

Despite the rain, all the fans were excited for the concert to start

At 6.30pm, we were allowed to move into the stadium. Local bands such as One Buck Short and Pop Shuvit were doing the opening act till 7.30 pm.

The stage fr the side

We decided to camwhore a bit fr where we stood,

Ed n me

Kz n me

Hits fm djs, Honey and Adam C were hosting the event till 7.30 pm and the crowd were anticipating for MCR to appeared after Pop shuvit's last song. The rain just got heavier at that time, but no one opened the umbrella, opening umbrellas in a rock concert just don't seem to fit in the mood. We waited and waited and waited and waited............

And all we stared at was just this for almost 45 min..

And finally, MCR came to life! MCR was totally awesome through out the one hour plus performance. Although Bob were on hiatus, but the band's performance was not affected. Hits after hits came to life and i totally love 'I Don't Love You'. But i couldnt see the band playing on stage at all fr where we stood, as 1stly they all look very small fr far (we were already in the Blue zone and they were still small) and 2ndly, cz some of the crowd were crazily dancing away, pushing everyone else here and there, and so to avoid being squash accidentally by them, we moved further to the back. Occasionally, i would jumped as high as i can, and i can see the tiny them rocking on stage, otherwise i just watched them from both the screens at the side. All in all, MCR really rocks, but the rain kinda came at the wrong time tonight, it would had been better with a good, dry weather and MCR not making us wait for 45 mins b4 starting. :)

Oh yeah, their backdrop was kinda cool too!

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hey i was there too but in the red zone. it was crazy in there with all the pushing but was fun. btw, frank was there. only bob wasn't. what a great way to end the year! guess u had a better view of was the last rock performance of the yr!'ll be very sweet..and yes i noe wat it is like to shop,hehe..and gerard is very handsome..haha..

u life is so colourful man..
just want to let u know i came here b4....
dun worry..will still come n support u....'ll be very sweet..and yes i noe wat it is like to shop,hehe..and gerard is very handsome..haha..

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