Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shir's 21st Birthday

I'm back home again for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. By the way, this post is dedicated to dear Shir,one of my longest knowing 'chi-mui', altho its a lil belated, but reali been busy for the past two days..hehe

Dear Shir,

Now we are all official adults. We had all hit 21! haha..Thinking back time indeed flies. It only felt like yesterday since we last left high school. We had known each other for so long now, more than 15 years i believe. We shared so many ups and downs together. I'm so glad that we were teammates, because of St. John, we truly learned a lot of things, besides the basic first-aid skills and home nursing, many other valuable values in life and most importantly the bond that brought us all so close together, dont u agree? hehe.. then of course, through the numerous activities that we all participated together, all those memories are still so fresh in my mind, and i don't mind giving my all to do and spent those times all over again. You had been one great fantastic fren, always trying ur best to be a good fren, and been reali entertaining and dedicated as well. Darling ger, continue to shine in ur future undertakings k. I noe sometimes the road gets so tough that u just feel like turning back or break down. But, with ur ability and capability im sure u will be able to push through and survive the challenge. Never give up k? Be a good architect in future and u can help me build my hse...hehehe... I'm so gna miss u when u leave to further ur studies and without u in KL. Well, i certainly hope that we could continue being such close frens for light years to come. Stay pretty and sexy and happening! Muacks muacks =)


ps : for our most recent pics, pls refer to my previous blog post, Christmas is near

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