Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend in Singapore Day 1

The clock on my laptop just ticked 12. It means it's Christmas day! Well, Christmas eve this year for me was spent quietly with my family. We had a family dinner and it was good. Merry Christmas to all my dear readers =)

Neway i spent the entire weekend right before Christmas in Singapore. The Christmas lightings along Orchard had always been something to look forward to as they never fail to b beautifully lit and get u all fuzzy and excited over Christmas. However, the xmas deco this year is not as nice as the previous years and the number of Xmas trees around had decreased tremendously. But still, it was a pretty sight and Orchard was so packed with ppl doing their last min Xmas shopping.

I went into Sg with JW at about 4pm and finally reached Orchard about 6pm where we met up with the rest of them ( SS, EY, HW, Owi, KY and Vic) in front of Grand Hyatt. Went up to c if Charlene is still there but apparently the cookies counter were already closed. So, feeling super hungry, we make a quick round around Far East Plaza before heading to Taka basement foodcourt for dinner . Basically, we did not do much shopping after that, we just walked from Wisma Atria down Paragon, The Heerens, Lucky Plaza, Le Meridien, all the way till Plaza Singapura, enjoying the lightings and sights of Orchard. We decided to stopped by City Hall to go to Suntec City too, in hope to be able to c the Fountain of Wealth. I noe that the laser show had ended but i was hoping there will at least be the fountain there with the water and lights but alas, there were maintenance work going on and they actually shut off the water. So, after walking all the way, the 6 extremely tired ppl did not get to c the fountain with the water. @@..

Gers in front of my fave Xmas tree in Taka

Somewhere outside Ngee Ann city. There were quite a few street performances going on

The whole stretch of Orchard fr Wisma Atria

Group pic outside Paragon

me n EY at the Heerens

There was a Havaianas slippers promo and me n HW decided to snap a shot with this huge slipper..hehe

The Christmas Village entrance at PS


The waterless Fountain of Wealth.. look at everyone exhausted face.

We spent the night at this backpakers hotel in Little India, its called the Inn Crowd Hotel. For a dorm bed, it's SGD 20, pretty cheap for a night stay in Sg and they have all the basic facilities needed. The hotel is actually just a 3 storey shophse but it is very cosy and comfortable there. There's a lot of foreigners staying there too and ders 12 in a dorm. I noe i had ppl from Australia and Philippines sleeping in the same dorm as me. After a refreshing shower, JW actually got hungry so me, HW, SS, EY and JW kinda walked around Little India to look for some authentic Indian food or mamak. But the only mamak around which says that it opens for 20 hours a day was closed too. we went to 7-11 which was just next to Inn Crowd and i added more junkies to my collection. Those cute packaging really works on me.

Little India after 12 quiet the whole street

My junkies

We spent some time watching tv downstairs at the common tv but soon everyone went to bed. I tried sleeping too but i don't know why i just can't seem to fall asleep. I was soon kept awake by the snoring sound of someone. So, i decided to check out the sun deck at the 3rd floor and i found JW not sleeping and hanging around outside the the dorms. So we both went up to the sun deck, passing by dorm 3 and 12 soundly asleep ppl. To be honest, i was expecting a more panaromic view from the deck but alas alas, there's nth really panaromic to be seen. There's 2 outdoor showers there, customer's laudry, boxes of aircons and the back view of the shophses that line the street. Of course, the tall buildings around can be seen but, hmm the mere mentioning of a sun deck forms instant images of ppl able to at least sun bathe der but this one don't seem like a conducive place for sun bathing. So after moon-bathing for a while, i finally managed to fall into dreamland.

the nocturnal girl at the sun deck

Some of the view fr the deck

Well, thats all for the first night. To be continue...

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