Sunday, January 20, 2008


AMSA - : it stands for Asian Medical Student Association. I attended the AGM for AMSA Malaysia for yr 2008 at HUKM today morning along with 15 other of my coursemates. Briefly the vision of AMSA is to promote knowledge, actions such as doing things that are beneficial to our fellow citizens and friendship among medical students fr the Asia- Pacific region.

The meeting started at about 9.30 am and ended at about 11 am after some speeches fr the outgoing and ingoing AMSA regional chairperson, assistant dean of UKM and various universities representatives. Overall, i tink the meeting went smoothly. After leaving HUKM, me, MS and BS went to Queenspark for Sushi King. Apparently, MS downloaded a sms by Mystyle that enables us to buy 1 sushi and free 1 sushi but the actual terms and conditions include sushis on promotion must be rice-associated sushis and it's a buy 1 free 1 same of the kind sushis. (we only knew the latter after we paid the bill) . We walked around Queenspark and Jusco Pandan Indah after lunch. I finally bought my slippers! hehe.. :p

Lou as our uni rep giving his speech on the organization of and various activities in our uni

Souvenir giving ceremony...the guy in this pic is the outgoing regional chairperson for AMSA Msia

HW, me, MS and Sarah in the auditorium

Grp pic with the committee members

UCSI representatives

Girls only..

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