Monday, January 07, 2008

A Day in Melaka

Last Sat, me, Ap, Jw, Sam and Jasper went to Melaka for a short day trip. Cm, Rachel and Kelvin was in Melaka, bringing us around. We took the 8am bus and reached the virtually empty Melaka Mall at about 10.30 am where we waited for Cm.

We started lunch at Hoe Kee chicken rice ball shop along Jonker Street. According to Cm, the chickens here is better than the more popular Famosa Chicken Rice Ball shop.

Rice balls

They also hv asam fish head

Chickens and some internal organs (im not sure if thats liver or not reali into internal organs) to go with the rice

Next, we moved on to Tart and Tart, also along Jonker street. This shop has a dozen different flavours of cheese tarts and a number of variety of egg tarts too, ranging fr aloha (pineapple) egg tarts, banana egg tarts, curry chicken egg tarts, tuna, peach, raisins and the more common Portuguese egg tarts.

Diversity of egg tarts

Among some of the flavours here are the normal cheese tart, blueberry, peppermint, white choc, yam and orange egg tarts

Durian, kiwi, mango, chocolate, strawberry and mocha flavor egg tarts

For me, other than the diversity of flavors, the tarts are jz normal, especially the egg tarts. I think the crust of the egg tarts are not crispy enough.

After a walk around St. Paul's church, we went for some cendol that felt incredibly good in such hot weather. I went to 2 different shops along Jonker for cendol, the 1st stall for the original cendol and the 2nd stall for the more innovative cendol, durian cendol. The 2nd shop even hv mango cendol as well. The shop owner of the 1st stall is a great fan of Coke. She had a very huge collection of Coca-cola drinks in can and bottle form as well as some collectible item of Coca-cola.

Customers will sit in a row facing these collections of the owner

Cendol fr the 1st stall..a lot of coconut milk

Durian cendol...satisfying cendols for a hot day

The very popular popiah with pork lard was sold out by Cm's turn. It also started raining cats and dogs out of the blue and the area around Capitol Satay Celup started to flood so we went to the equally famous Ban Lee Siang satay celup instead.

Thick boiling satay gravy

Satay celup is actually similar to lok-lok. Fishballs, prawns, chicken meats, pork meats, vegetables, tofu etc are all poke on sticks and you are free to take as many sticks as you like. Each stick is RM 0.50. There are quite a variety of choices.

The sticks are then dip into the satay gravy to boil for a few minutes and it can be eaten

B4 leaving Melaka, we wanted to go try roti terbang at this mamak but it was closed. So, we ended up at this wan tan mee stall near Sentral.

Hm.. well..i tink it's too salty for my liking

So, other than food, we also went around the the historical sites of Melaka, namely the Stadhuys, St. Paul's church, A Famosa fortress and the latest Eye of Melaka.

Padang Pahlawan fr St. Paul's ruins. This field is located at the 2nd or 3rd story of Dataran Pahlawan, the newly open shopping mall in Melaka

Me and R at the Stadhuys..testimonials of the Dutch architecture

Christ church..standing exactly as it was since the Dutch build it

Trishaws like this are abundant in Melaka. It's RM 40 for an hour ride.

Some of the stuff sold around the Stadhuys..clogs with therapeutic use

USCI-rians at the Clock Tower

Yeah...can nv guess who he was! haha

at St. Paul's church

This place was turned into a burial ground for the noble men of Dutch

It was raining so... while at the fortress

The A Famosa fortress

The Melaka river pirate park where the Eye is situated

Group pic at the Eye

When the lights came on after the rain stops

Well, actually this Eye is not much of an eye. It is definitely smaller than the Eye of Msia at the Titiwangsa park and it is exactly the size of ferris wheel found all over amusement parks.

We took the 10 pm bus back to KL. Maybe due to my lack of sleep, i fl really tired and i tink my stomach is so filled with food at the end of the day..hehe..but it was fun!

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