Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Day of 2008

Some ppl may start year 2008 with a terrible headache from a hangover last night, some may be sleeping the day away, catching up on rest they are deprived of, some may be out early shopping hoping that there will be a new year's day sale, some may take this opportunity to meet up with friends, some may be busy filling their car tank with petrol in fear of another hike in petrol price, some may be away on a holiday with their family but for Dr. Chua Soi Lek, his new year certainly started with a big bang.

He admitted to being the man on the sex dvd circulating around part of Johor on Tuesday grabbing headlines over all major newspaper in Msia and as it had resulted to all other politicians, a sex scandal usually spells the end of their career as a politician. Fr Monica Lewinsky-Clinton scandal to more neighboring countries sex scandals such as the Chu Mei Fung, Yahya Zaini and Steve Chia, Dr. Chua is the latest to joined in the crowd.

Well, men and their lust. It's not true that women don't have extra marital affairs but men, on the other hand top women by at leasts 3 folds when it comes to extra-marital affairs. So why is it that men are the ones having higher percentage of committing extra marital affairs? Is it because men are more lewd in nature? Or is it because they have terrible ability to control their lust? But then again, if it is just lust, don't they have their wife to fulfill their desire? Why do they have to look for a third party? For me, i think it's pure nonsense when men say that they have to look for a 3rd party because their wife cant satisfy them. If your wife cant satisfy u, why did u have kids with her in the 1st place? Why is it that women can control their lust better than men? So, although Dr. Chua had been a good minster in carrying out his duties and contributed quite a lot during his course of service, but he had to be prepared to face the music of his actions right from the moment he decided to had this affair with his friend. His downfall is only a small lesson to him. The hurt and shame he brought upon to his wife and children is unmeasurable.

Neway, i started the first day of the year with a visit back to dear old CONVENT sch with Shir and Sy. Nor and M.E had been there much earlier. Most of the teachers are around, and i managed to had a chat with Mrs. Ignatius, Mrs. Vasantha, Mrs. Emilda, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Geetha and Pn. Heryati. Good old Convent sch always felt so warm, friendly and welcoming. There are quite a few changes in the sch since we left and among them are the emergence of Grace Garden and St. Helen Square. It's so good to know that the Mother Mary statue will still be preserve and the 'infant jesus' is still maintain in our sch name. There had been so much controversy over this issue.

Then we met up with Jeanie and Yuan Yuan for lunch at where used to be our fav pan mee shop where we usually eats b4 tuition. Me, Shir and Nor spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, walking and playing arcade games in PP. I also met up with 2 of my Citibank ex colleagues.

The only thing i most probably need to adjust b4 getting back to uni is waking up before noon. I cant believe that i will definitely slept past noon everyday without an alarm clock. =p

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