Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

We had officially bid year 2007 farewell. Throughout the country, thousands of revellers had gathered be it at Stadium Merdeka, 1U, KLCC, Penang, Danga Bay or anywhere else to ushered in year 2008 with great anticipation and joy.

Many would had came up with a list of new year resolutions, some with new targets and goals to achieved in this year, while some ppl like me, just had some wishes we hope we are able to fulfil.

I was out with Shir and SY on new year's eve at Danga Bay.

We had a long dinner at one of the malay restaurant there, where i had one of the worst yee mee ever..okok i noe i shdnt had ordered for smt so Chinese at a 100% malay restaurant but then, i had no appetite for anything else on the menu except for that and penang char kuey teow which tasted equally bad.

Chew Sin Huey, Tan Wei Lian, Dayang and Vince were among the artiste performing there that night, entertaining the crowd with hits after hits. At midnight, there were fireworks display for almost 10 minutes. Then, Jeanie and her band came on stage and started entertaining us with Malay, Mandarin and English songs all the way to 1.45am. Well, i really enjoyed her performance, i think she had very good voice.

By the time, we were at Shir's hse, we were so dead tired but we still managed to went through our competition photos years ago bringing sweet memories back..hehe..

Well, im looking forward to a better 2008. Some said John Titor had predicted year 2008 to be a worse year than 2007 on the whole, but who knows? We can never tell what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow will always be a mystery for us.

My greatest wish of course, is passing year 2 and be able to move on to year 3. hehe.. Happy New Year everyone! =)

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