Monday, January 21, 2008

Malaysia Open Super Series

At the entrance

I went to watched the finals for the Proton Msia Open Super Series 2008 at Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil today ( Sun ) with all those ppl in the pic above. Some ppl may say that its the same watching on tv, but for me, watching live always have u feeling more into the game and of course, being there to support Msia personally..haha..

Lee Chong Wei certainly done Msia proud and all of us proud by bagging the gold medal for the men singles. For me, the most exciting match and the one i enjoyed the most was the women single actually between Zhu Lin of China and Rasmussen Tine of Denmark. The match started off quite slowly, but during the 2nd and 3rd set, both women was on a close chase wif each other. They really got the crowd glued to their seats with their agility, strength, and skills. The atmosphere in the stadium reached their peak intensity when Lee Chong Wei lost his 2nd set to Lee Hyun Li of S. Korea. How can Msia onli hope lost? Every1 would had been so disappointed but fortunately LCW gave a good fightback in the 3rd set and won the Korean. I guessed he was very much pressurized too. Everyone was so happy, proud and some surely can heave a sign of relieved after LCW finally won as Lee Hyun Li put up a tough fight too.

We cheered for our fav teams with these inflatable balloons

A view of the centre court where the match went on and the filling of the seats by spectators

The first match of the day was the mix doubles, followed by the women singles, men singles, women doubles and the last match of the day was men doubles.

Mix doubles..Korea vs China..China won

Women singles..Denmark vs China..Denmark won

Men singles..Msia vs Korea..MALAYSIA WON! hurray :)

LCW changed three sets of shirts throughout his whole match..1st the yellow 1, then a black 1 and finally a green one when he went up the podium to received his medal.

C..he is in green now..shaking hands with our deputy PM

Last match of the day...Indo vs Denmark..Indo won..come to tink of quite happy Indo won oso although i noe i supported Denmark at 1st..because Indo clearly was better and i think the Danish are a lil too proud of themselves

And guessed who was there at the match as well? Chee Meng and his badminton club committee members all the way fr JB..haha

CM and I

And after everything had ended, we found this cheque lying 'muka-tembok' a bit, pose with the cheque...hehe..

Only in our bubble world, we are the mix double champion..=p..haha

Wonder how it feels like to be standing here after winning the gold and silver medal respectively..shd be a very proud of oneself and country feeling as well as a mix feeling of indescribable happiness and gratefulness

It's a little pity tho that i did not managed to bumped into any national players at all, well for a fact we actually bumped into Rasmussen face to face but she was on the phone and the other Danish players werent too keen for pics.. Not as friendly as Chen Hong, Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Ronald Susilo and the rest.. But still, i think its worth spending the money for the tickets and time. ;)

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