Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nijyumaru at Permas Jaya

2 more days and uni is starting! I don't want to go back to uni! I be starting the class in this new year in a new hairstyle. Spent the afternoon at the saloon doing my hair. But i will not post any pic just yet, for i wna it be a surprise for the time being for some ppl..hehe

Neway ever since i went KL to study, it had sort of become my family tradition to have a family dinner at a restaurant outside the night before i go back. So since im going back to KL tomoro, we had our dinner tonight at Nijyumaru in Permas. Well, this one storey corner jap restaurant offers pretty gd jap food at a reasonable price. Their deco and ambiance is also pretty nice. This restaurant kinda became one of my dad's fav family restaurant too.

Ramen wise, i love love love their kimunchi ramen. It can be consider one of the best kimunchi ramen i had around JB dy. So other than the ramen, some of the other jap dishes we had are,

ebi cheese maki..cheese with prawn

Age tosa tofu

Garlic grill salmon

Kawa mentaiko maki..fried salmon skin sushis

Tempura mori

The tempura to be dip in this sauce

Last dish of the day...okonomiyaki (kaki)..hotplate pancake

All in all, the food is yummy! :)

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