Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Are The World

I was first introduced to this song in primary 4 by Mrs. Goh during English class. Those were the happy and carefree childhood days when we learned new songs every week in class, no need to worry bout things like making decisions in life and making the wrong ones. But the rule of life is such that, as we grow older, our responsibilities in life oso increase. When we were kids, we thought of growing up fast so that we could be adults and hv the ability to do what those adults do. I rmb i used to sit in the back seat of my dad's car and wishing for the day i would be able to drive a car so that i can drive myself to anywhere i want. But now that i have my driving license and could drive myself to anywhere i want, i realized that there's nth so exciting about driving a car after all, u gotta be careful of this and dat, rmb this n dat, and all the responsibilities that comes with being a driver.

Coming back to the song, i always feel kinda inspired by this song whenever i listen it. As i sing along, i find each and every word very meaningful. We are all brought up with our parents so often teaching us to be always willing to help those in need. Help can be offer in many ways, sometimes its lending smt physical to a fren, sometimes is by donating clothes and food and medications to natural disaster victims, sometimes its monetary help, sometimes its smt as simple as sharing a friend's burden and to some, even spiritual help is called.(as in missing girl Sharlinie's case) I believe that each and everyone of us have the ability to help another individual. We may not be able to stop wars, or make any other world changing differences now, but lets start by making a difference in someone's life every day. Let's try to make someone fl better each day. It's very true u nv noe who u might cheer up with ur smile, so the next time u c a fren very stress up, upset, angry or even insecure, gv ur fren a kind and gentle smile :)

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omg.. i dont know why after reading this post, all those old memory just flash back like a slide show. I remembered those time too.. its fun, sad and memorable. We sang this in choir or something right? or only me with the SIMs' gang? can't remember but it is a good memorable song.

i tink all of us had sang this together some time or ode during the primary sch days =)