Tuesday, February 05, 2008

APRIL 21 2008

APRIL 21 2008.... argh..im fuming with frustration now...

Well, its not anyone that made me frusfrated..

It's just WHY do things have to happen so coincidentally? WHY?

It was a normal day, with me helping my mum with more last min spring cleaning and i was driving on the way home after buying 2 guppies to add to my aquarium when i received a call fr a representative from Samsung Electronic Malaysia.

The rep shouted out 'Congratulations' the min i picked up the phone and she informed me that i had been selected by the Olympic Committee and 2008 Beijing Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (BOCOG) to be one of the 18 runners for the Malaysian leg of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Torch Relay.

Gosh, i was so happy and exhilarated when i heard that, but as she goes on with all the details and what i should do and bla bla bla, suddenly i recalled something very awful that could dashed all happiness that i was feeling right then away.

Imagine, me, ALLISON YEOH being one of the torchbearers in this prestigious event, representing Malaysia, wow!! Me, just a normal civilian having the opportunity to experience such an exciting and prestigious event. Me, exemplifying the theme , "
Pushing the Limit for a Better Life" !

I don't care if im having 10 lectures on that day or pbl or assessment, i will definitely skip it for sake of this golden opportunity.

Imagine, me, being able to be part of the leg for this relay..ah..that will certainly be a very memorable and historic moment in my life *dreamily*

But, on the 21st of April 2008, its not any normal day with the normal lectures or in the midst of study break or holidays or anything. It's the 1st day of my Professional exam which i cannot skip because skipping will only mean a zero for me and that will mean i will definitely fail because its the mcq and saq paper. I can't afford to fail definitely because i don't want to repeat the year or to be kicked out of medicine school!! Not after 2 years in med school, not after spending so much money on this course, not after all those times where i sacrificed so much just for the sake of studying.

This just sucks. Of course i had been hoping to be able to be selected as one of the torchbearers when i submitted the essay, and i actually got selected, but yet i had to gave it up because of exams. If its anything else at all, i will surely skipped to attend the event, but i guessed the exam is more important in this case. *sigh heavily*...

Why must both events be on the same day, whats so auspicious about April 21st? (okok, i noe its mere coincidence, of course theres no such thing as looking at the calender for auspicious dates), but right now, i really wish such coincidence never happen. Why must UCSI put April 21st as the 1st day of our professional exam? Why must the Malaysia leg for the relay fall on April 21st? Why cant it be one week earlier or 1 week later or any other time out of the 365 days in a year? Why are there 365 (366) days in a year and both of this very important event fell on the same day? There flies my dream to be the torchbearer. Out of the thousands of ppl who participate, only 18 actually got selected. How many times will such an opportunity knock?

*updates* i just called the rep and she asked me, 'so its alright for you to nulled and void ur participation?'.. NO..im not alright. I hate exams. More so the one on April 21st 2008. But i DON'T have a choice, not unless the dean will so magnanimous to allow me to postpone my exam which is 99.9999% impossible. * i can already imagine Dr. Handsome shaking his head in that usual 'why this students just dont get it that medicine is the most important and everything else are just secondary or tertiary or shdnt be consider at all' *.


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hey...its a real pity that you can't participate in that event...too bad la! Just wait for another 4 years, you are still young man...come on...cheers!

haha..wat to do..life is like that..yeap..hope theres next time..:)

You dont feel so sad lah, sad not pretty later...*SMILES*...:)

Wow..I can't believe that you gave up the torchbearer thingy. I am one of the 2 sponsored by Lenovo for the relay. Was surfing to see any other normal people like us got into it.

Anyway, hello to u...

hello to u too..haha..as i say..i got no ode choice..sometimes such unfortunate coincidence happen and a choice had gotta be made..jz hope there's another chance in future =)