Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year with the Fly fm crew

We started class today. I sat through CRS class with CNY mood. We are already the 5th day into Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year have always been something i look forward to very much, because it's the time of the year where there will be red packets, lots and lots of cookies and pineapple tarts, the lion and dragon dances, bak gua (bbq pork or chicken), mandarin oranges, firecrackers, fireworks (although fireworks had been banned, but almost every night there would be fireworks display outside my house) and the gambling sessions. Another thing i like about CNY is that, it is a period of time where it brings together all family members to spring clean the house, put up the CNY decorations, visit relatives we seldom meet for the past one year and catch up with friends.

Since day 1 of CNY, i been watching a lot of CNY programmes on tv, eating a lot of new year cookies, chocolates and pineapple tarts (i can eat a lot of it, but only those made by my mum. Mum says 3 equals to a big bowl of rice so me n SY ate 3 each on the 3rd day for dinner..haha) and playing mahjong. Usually my parents wont allow me to touch the mahjong set in my hse, so this is the only time of the year where we were allowed to open up the set and played it. Of course, i played it only for fun, to pass time, not in the hope of placing big bets to win money. Me and my family went to watched CJ 7 on the first day itself at LM and the cinema was full. Nowadays, ppl also visit cinemas other than relatives on 1st day of cny..haha.

I spent day 2 n 3 visiting friends and teachers. Our holidays this year were really short. I didnt really have time to go visit more friends. The Fly fm djs and crew came with the lion dance on the 3rd day. The djs were really lively and friendly and its cool to have them came all the way from KL. Dad's colleagues were there too, and there were non-Chinese and they really enjoyed the lion dance. Since young, i like watching the lion dance and dragon dance especially during the Chingay procession. The lion will jump here and there lively with the loud beat of the drum and all the other instruments that made up the 'dong dong chang dong dong chang' rhythm.

After being stuck in the traffic jam along Senawang to KL, i finally reached Genting late evening on Sun nite. I don't really know why i even went up there because i had to come down early next morning for class as well. But we went there, walked around, played some games and called it a day. Well there's still another 10 more days of CNY to enjoy..haha.. :)

Me and mum in Genting

Shir and me

We sat at Kinsahi for dno how long..Their business was so good till they only left one small plate for 3 of us to share our sushis

Us with Mr. Ng

With Mrs. Ignatius

Me, CS, SY, SL and HC

This is what we have to prepare for the lion dance

The lion dance troupe setting up

They had started

Cai-qing..eating up the vegetables

The lion 'eating' up the pomelo and mandarin oranges

Ta- da..this is how the pomelo and oranges look like after being 'eaten'

me and the FLY fm djs

Everyone present at my hse

I really like to thank Fly fm for selecting me as the winner of their CNY contest and thus, making this Chinese New Year a very extraordinary one. We totally enjoyed the performance and the presence of the bubbly djs. So even though my CNY break was a pretty short one, but it was definitely one very cool and fun one. :)

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WOaH!!!!!!!!Wonderful cny you had.
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Where is that Ivan in one of your picture?

haha..not many ang pows..shrunken by half dy..lolz..he's the one with the longer hair in yellow :)