Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CNY Extravaganza

I've been kinda busy lately to update my blogs lately..but tonight i decided to post up some pics of whats been going on for the past few days.

I noe Valentine's day was last Thurs and its already 4 days late, but it's never too late to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I was talking to M the ode day and she asked me, what is so special about this day? After all, Valentine anot, life still goes on. For ppl like me and most of my coursemates, this day was spent dating with our books and notes, (we are not that nerdy, but we have assessments on Fri), for some they may be still be struggling just so that they have 3 meals a day, or for some they are so poor that they barely have water to drink, what's more the extra money to buy flowers selling at sky high prices. I guessed Valentine's Day will be really meaningful for couples having long distance relationship, couples that seldom get to meet up due to work or geographical differences. But to put it simply, Valentine's Day is a day for couples to celebrate their love for each other and for singles like me to celebrate the joy and freedom of still being single..hehe..

Despite knowing that flowers are quite a waste of money, I still like the feeling of receiving flowers. Girls I know! :p

Well, maybe you can always opt for other flowers like sunflowers

But nowadays, more and more ppl are giving artificial roses or even soft toy and chocolates in a bouquet instead to substitute the real flowers.

Last Friday, the CCS of my uni organized our uni first CNY Extravaganza in the multi purpose hall. VIPs invited that day included Deputy Higher Education Minister, Datuk Ong Tee Keat. MCA members as well as representatives from other unis such as UPM, UM, MMU, and Uniten were also invited. Sin Chew Jit Poh journalists were present at the event as well. Basically, with a RM 3 ticket, you will be able to sit at the MPH and enjoy the performances for the whole night. With all the join effort and hardwork of members of the CCS, the event went smoothly and received many praises fr the VIPs.

Hosts for the night. Note that AP is in blusher, mascara and lipstick.haha..

The secretary, photographer and security personnel

Me and Michelle.. look at my shirt..it's the CCS shirt for this event..I wonder why the CCS shirts always have to be so huge even if it's S size

Me, EY, SS and Kr

The VIPs for the night. Of course, Mr. Peter Ng, the vice chancellor and President of UCSI was present too

Opening ceremony

Lion dance performance..

Chinese dance by the MCA women

Indian dance by the MCA members

Sketches by CCS members on the origin of certain taboos and must-have of CNY

Lou and JW also in the sketch

Calligraphy writing competition

Harmonica performances by Sch of Music students

Head spin

The modern dance

Singing CNY songs by CCS members

Astro Talent Quest 2007 finalists and winner were also present. They certainly have many fans in our uni.

Zax Lee, winner of the talent quest 2007

Christy Tan, 2nd runner up

Crystal Wong, one of the finalist and the leading actress of Sourire Pour Moi, a local TV drama on Astro

3 of them performing together

When the fans gets too high, they started forming human trains and run around the MPH

The hosts asking them some questions on stage

Besides performances, there were actually food selling too. But, the response were not that good that night.

Whats on the menu


Fried fishballs

Fried nuggets

The most sold food of the night - herbal tea egg

Me and the food committee..these ppl had really worked very hard too..

When they decided to mark down the price as midnight approaches

Last event of the day, lucky draw

2 more days before Chinese New Year. I'm so excited already know. Woohoo.. haha! Alright, till my next update, have a good holiday ahead everyone. :)

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Haha a great event in ur uni! must be a lot of hard work

Wah received so many flowers ... keng! I also want!! haha

Guess u really enjoyed ur weekend! Eh dont la put so many food pictures... hungry la haha

yup..the committees really worked hard..haha..neway thanks :)

Your Uni CNY night super colourful:P BUT nice picture there:)