Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Reunion Dinner

YAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SENG! Yes! Thats what we Chinese love to do when we gather for dinner to celebrate a wedding, birthday celebration or any festivals. We try to pull the 'yam' for as long as we can den we end it with a loud 'seng' and cling of glasses. hehe..

It's the time of the year for reunion dinner again. In bout an hour more its the Chinese New Year.

During the CNY reunion dinner, all the family members will gather together and have dinner. Any family members that is away for work or studying will make it back for this special dinner tonight. All those that cant make it back for the reunion dinner must be feeling really lonely and sad.

Neway this yr, mum decided not to cook. so, we had out reunion dinner at the Bamboo Garden Seafood Restaurant instead. Luckily dad booked 2 weeks in advance, if not the place was fully packed today and we definitely could not get a place.

This is the yee sang. The salmons and honey and nuts are also inside, b4 it is being mix up

Then everyone uses their chopsticks to mix everything that made up the yee sang together, uttering 4-letter prosperous CNY greetings at the same time

Shark's fin

Vegetables with abalone and mushrooms

Ginseng chicken

Steam fish..fresh and tender

Emperor's noodle

Deserts...with jelly and cake-alike stuff inside

Me, my sexy mum, my funny dad and my pretty sis

Naughty bro n me...oops! =p (so u better be good la..haha)

I enjoyed dinner and had a very filling, sumptuous meal.

The CNY variety show had just started on channel 8. Going to watch it now..hehe

GONG HEI FATT CHOY everyone. May everyone get lots of angpaus, bonus, happiness, and can eat all they want without worrying bout growing fat this festive season. =DD

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