Thursday, March 13, 2008

Farewell Attachments, PBLs and Classes

This whole week is suppose to be revision week. Revision week only indicates that its the end of the sem and exams are coming. We had brilliantly combined all the meet-the-lecturers session into two days leaving Mon and Tues super pack, but having the Wed, Thurs and Fri free aside fr the assessments. Neway last night was the official farewell party for us, the year 2 students. It's not fully organized by the yr 1, it's more to a co-organization between the year 2 and year 1 students. Since we could not get any other venue in UCSI, we held it at the block A foyer.

We had so much fun at the party, the food was good and i really enjoyed the performances by my fellow coursemates, MS, Kr, they all and also the yr 1 performances. I guess before we start being so stress up for the next 5 weeks, tonight is the last night we will still have some fun.

Me with Dr. Kaki, Dr. Tt, Dr. Mk and my coursemates

MV, Dr. TT (again), Dr. Gul and me

Venu, Dr. TT (AGAIN), Dr. Nelson and me

Our lecturers were also being very sporting, getting up from their seats and not only dance with us, but sang for us too!

Dr. Mk singing

Lecturer and students dancing to a Hindi song

Year 2 students and the lecturers

Crazy pose time :p

Me and my buddy, Maria

Since it's revision week, it also marks the end of all our classes, weekly attachments, PBLs and clinical practice sessions. It means NO more waking up early on Thursdays to go to Pudu Hosp or Indigenous Ppl Hosp in Gombak and to feel sleepy after that for class. haha.. It had always been a challenge to pull myself out of bed and the thought of Gombak hosp makes the challenge more hard to overcome because Gombak is so much further than Pudu and makes the journey more tiring. But, going to the hospitals had enable us to learn a lot of things outside class and we were also given the opportunity at times to do simple examinations on the patients.

My group and Dr. Mk during our last visit to Gombak Hosp

Group A members

The other hospital that we are attach to is Pudu Hospital. I still rmb the 1st impression most of us got of the hosp was, 'it's only a 3 storey shophouse and not even the whole row of the shophouses. Just 2 shophouses combine together!' Although it's a very small hosp, it has got one of the best and funniest doctor i have encounter, Dr. Wong. We alternate each week between Gombak and Pudu Hosp, and every time we are at Pudu, Dr. Wong will not only teaches us medical knowledge, he will tell us lots of other interesting facts, stories and experiences of his. Besides he runs a one-man-show at the hosp, so he practically has a vast knowledge over the medical field and he is ever so willing to teach us without collecting any pay. He is one of the doctors that i really respect.

Dr. Wong, 2nd from right (besides Sonia, the girl in orange punjabi suit)

This is the building oppo Pudu Hosp, it has been under construction since we started our attachment in sem 3

It also means NO more PBL sessions (hurray). We can officially kiss goodbye to the twice a week PBL sessions as i don't think they have PBLs in KT. Every week, we be dreading the sessions especially if we got the more strict lecturers such as Dr. C**, and Dr. J*, and the more 'cheong hei' lecturers such as Dr. A** and Dr. Ro**** as facilitators. But everybody will be happy when they get lecturers like Dr. M**, Dr. Z** and Dr. N*. Don't get me mistaken, all the lecturers are good in their own ways but we prefer the latter because it means we can get off earlier for lunch or to go home. hehe..

My PBL grp mates this sem..i start and end my PBL sessions with grp C

I love this girls! Dr. Anu, our last PBL facilitator and Dr. Gul

Last of the last session.. Some of them look so sad

And lastly, it means NO more clinical practice sessions on Mon after class. Seriously this sem, since they implement the assessing system, although it was barely carried out as it was intended to, it makes me read up Hutchison more than the last sem.

HF, Vincent, Henry, me and MS..clinical mates

Me and Sarah..she somehow 'sesat' to my grp..hahaha..actually she's very hardworking, come crashing with my grp b4 her own sessions on Wed

While i rejoice having no more needing to wake up early or stay back for attachments and all the sessions as well as classes and assessments, it's kinda sad too to noe that we will miss the weekly hanging out to go look for food and no matter how much u still wna live in denial, u have to face with the fact that STUDY WEEK is drawing near and that leads to u having to face that the FINALS is coming. Yes, in another 5 weeks.

So, if i do go MIA for this 5 weeks, it's a good sign, because it means i m not that super stress up that i nd to blog it here. haha!

note to self: Study hard, play no more, Alli! :p

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somehow i feel like crying after reading this post!!woo as if we are parting...choi!!!we all shall meet in terengganu and that is a MUST MEET!WORK HARD EVERYONE!!!LETS BATTLE TILL OUR LAST BREATH!

I agree i agree! GAMBATE everyone! =)

Hey there! Sorry for not keeping in touch. I've finally reached my study week, so i'm much free now to go snooping around ppl's blogs. hehe.. Miss u so much! Hope to meet up with you soon. I mite be doing my industrial training in KL in may/june. So till then, take care! =)





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