Monday, March 10, 2008

General Election 2008 : Updates

"Be the change that you want the change to be"

Mahatma Gandhi

Indeed, during the polling day last Sat, Malaysians had voted boldly and decisively and as we all probably had already known, BN suffered one of its greatest defeat in 50 yrs. Although they still form the federal government but they lost 5 states altogether to the opposition and were denied their 2/3 majority in the parliament. There were a lot of instant critics and feedbacks all over the cyberworld regarding BN major setback and the opposition victorious moments. We see a shift in sentiment among the non-Malays as well as a change of sentiment among the Malays. The 25 % of Chinese electorates in this country had given the thumbs down to MCA and the minority 7% of Indians had clearly send a msg to Samy Vellu and the bigwigs of MIC to pack their bags and leave. We clearly see that Malaysians wants the dawn of a new gov that is accountable, transparent and include and recognize Malaysians regardless of race, cultural and religion as a nation of one.

Now that the results are out, the winners and losers both have to pick up the pieces and start delivering the promises they made to the ppl during their heated campaigning. Will the oppositions be able to prove themselves to be a credible alternative to the coalition that had been ruling for half the past century? Dr. M had been requesting for Badawi to step down fr Umno, fr BN but clearly Badawi is not going to budge. If Badawi decides to stay on for another term, will he be able to regain the faith of the ppl to show that he is still a competent PM after all and lives out of the voices of his beloved son-in-law? Can he finally learn to break his elegant silence in parliament and speak to the public to address issues in the country instead of his unofficial self appointed spokeperson namely Nazri who is going to make comments on his behalf whenever a nation crisis arise. Whether anot in the next 4 yrs the wind will still be blowing in the opposition or will BN be able to regain its strong mandate really depends on the progress and changes that will spin in Msia in the next coming 4 yrs. Im really anticipating for the new gov to come into power and see how the oppositions are gna work together in the next 4 yrs and to see BN review themselves and come up better and stronger. Then, i shall c if words are only words or if action really do speaks louder than words.

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This time, Malaysia is having a sharp elections.Why say so? Its because we dont have a real good leader...perhaps good leader needs a capable and highly educated life partner to assist him to run whatever he needs to...we can read back the history of our few pm personal story, what do you think?

In my two cents worth of opinion, it doesnt matter whether the life partner is as capable or higly educated. While i think that if the partner is someone smart and capable, she could offer some advices but i do believe that the PM has his advisors and ministers to advise him on his decisions and dilemmas. And a good PM shd be able to made decisions base on his observations of the ppl and country. What his wife can do for him should be smt more out of the parliament. His wife shd be the one he can turn to for emotional and mental support and his major source of encouragement. =)