Saturday, March 29, 2008

She Means Something Is Wrong

Jz out of randomness,

" When a girl throws her tantrum or start ignoring you in a relationship, guys pls take note!

Unless your gf is a super spoilt princess and all she does is just throwing tantrum over the most ridiculous nothing, when a girl starts feeling unhappy and shows her tantrum in a relationship, SOMETHING is WRONG somewhere.

It doesn't matter anymore then who started the problem 1st or who started screaming at who 1st.

Because if u love her, if you really love her, then look for the source of the problem. Pay serious attention to what she has been complaining about all the time. Pay serious attention to all the possible things you might have done to provoke her unhappiness.

Don't just take her as she's angry now, let her be..after a while she be ok because that will be the most wrong mentality u will ever have. Or don't just trying to pacify her without knowing why the both of you argued/ fought in the 1st place.

After a while, she may be ok, but only on the superficial surface, the root and underlying problem is still unsolved and it be building up on the inside till one fine day, when the problem grew so big, it will erupt like a volcano.

Don't ever adapt the attitude or mentality that, if 'i jz pretend nth happen, everything will be alright soon.' When something happen, no matter big or small, try solving it immediately. Pretending nth ever happen or living in denial is just the act of cowards. So, be a man and stand up to the problem.

If you dno where the problem is, then try talking to your gf bout it. Ask her, what is wrong. If she says nth, and she acts totally like there is, you know there is. And sometimes when she says nth, it's not because she don't want to share with you the problem or she doesnt want the problem solve.

Sometimes, it's because the problem had been there for too long and she has been hinting to you bout it and you still don't get it or don't seem to bother when she hint you the problem, thus she is too sad and disappointed to point it out anymore.

What she is hoping is for a miracle to happen and for you to uncover the problem yourself and show her the change that she wants to see. It's not because she doesn't wna salvage the relationship anymore, but u shd noe what it feels like to repetitively repeat some things only to be reflected to where it started. ( sad to say, this is what many girls will hope for but many guys will always fail to do..well, when a relationship comes to this stage, it's pretty much near its end as well)

If you really love someone, cherish her before it's too late.

Love is a very beautiful gift, but only when you know how to appreciate it. "

PS : I'm definitely not discriminating against any guys in this post

PSS: I'm not saying all girls think like me. This is just fr my humble point of view

PSSS: I'm not saying that guys are the only ones that has to find the root of the problem and certainly i know of cases where the girls are the ones being too irrational, sensitive and making a mountain out of a molehill. But this post is in instances where the girl is none of the above.

Have a great night! =)

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haih.........some dumb asses have no nerves,regardless peripheral or central...they just dont have any of those.....thus impulses cant transmit,thus they remain ignorant!oh god...give me some miracle...seriously

no lor...
this kind of girls are too self centered!!
u know wat is relationship?? relationship need communication!!
if the girl don say anything, this is not communication!
too many of girl like you... you all thinking are so complicated...
y wanna make things so complicated??
what if guy do the same thing to you??
don say girl and guy are different... relationship cannot like tht one!!
if ur thinking still like tht, i can guarentee you, your relationship wif ur bf sure ruin one day!!

hey, i used this post in 2scbs..

wanted someone to see it, if you know what i mean. hope you don't mind.

dear anonymous, if u read my entire blog post, i did not say that once a girl is not happy with her bf, she should keep mum and let the poor guy wonder and lives in agony not having a clue of what went wrong. I noe what u mean by if the guy do the same thing to you and even tho u r a guy that may not do such a thing to your gf, there ARE plenty of guys out there who just keep quiet and not voice out their problems when they are not happy with their girlfriend. If the guy ask me what's wrong, i will tell the guy what's wrong but only if the guy wants to know whats wrong in the 1st place.

I agree with you that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. But, communication is a two way thing. What if the girl had been telling and telling, trying to discuss with you about the problems in your relationship, trying to tell you why she is not happy, trying to tell you her insecureness, trying to communicate with you, but all she gets is a deaf ear? Whenever she talks to you bout the problem in your relationship, you straight away shuts her down, if you all are talking, you change topic immediately, you start yelling at her telling her to stop talking bout this kinda things, if u r msging her, u stop msging her immediately and all she gets from trying to communicate is just her bf running away from the problem each time. How is communication suppose to work here?

Only when both party are willing to sit down and face the problems can the problems be iron out. If the girl has been trying to fix the problem all along only to find out that she is alone in wanting to fix the problem, in the end, she will not say anything because she do not noe what else to say. If she starts talking bout it, the guy will end up running away fr the prob again and she faces the same painful cycle all over again. so, in the end, she can only hope in silence, hope her bf will one day be able and willing to see and discuss the problems they are having.

what i mean is if the bf take the initiative, but the gf don giv any response or don giv any reply... thn this is not communication...

but in this case you mention, obviously is the problem of the guy...
and i seriously think that this relationship shud end immediatly... no point to continue... what kind of bf is this??

come on... throw the face of guy lar... what for avoiding to face problem? coward ok??

From the second comment here.. does it mean that you are attached now?..;D

rojak rojak : sure, u r most welcome to do dat. im glad if this post can help you in any sense.
mr.anonymous : sometimes the girl loves the guy a lot, so it's not easy to just say break off and i don't want you in my life anymore. That's why she hopes in silence. Perhaps she needs more time to heal and let go.
anonymous no.2: NO, im NOT attach now. :D

ur post, how true it is. it's something that i've been trying to get my guy to understand all these while. well we're girls after all, same species tink alike. lol :)

anyways, link me ya.

hi rachael, i can't get to your blog. Send me your blog url ok and i will link you ;)

ooh ok.

here it is. ;)

Good luck and all the best for your exam. I link u to my site hope u are ok?

thanks! so glad its over already..hehe..and sure u can link me =)