Friday, March 07, 2008

SHINE Concert


I just came back from the SHINE concert in our uni. The concert was organized by the Sch of Social Science and Liberal Art of UCSI in conjunction with International Women Week this Sat. Among the local singer songwriters and bands present were Reza Salleh, Otam, Liyana fr Eestrella, Deserters, Army of Three, An Honest Mistake, Bus Company and J4N. Some of the band names are funny rite? Try google or go on myspace to search for them if u never heard of them because these local performers are awesome. Some of these bands actually have their own album being sold at record stores in KL. The concert was really entertaining and RM 20 was really worth to watch the 4 hour concert. Malaysia indeed have many talented singers. It's such a pity UCSI close up at midnight therefore we all had to leave because by 12 am the concert was not over yet. There were actually a few more bands to go.

Lou, me, MS and JW..paise Lou, u look a bit 'cacat' in this pic..haha

UCSI Sch of Music students


Reza Salleh..he's funny and one of the best performer of the night

An Honest Mistake..emo rock grp

J4N..the only band that sang Chinese songs

Bus Company..for those of u who noe, who does the vocalist reminds u of? hehe..

Deserters..the afro hair guy is kinda funny too

Shawn, Vince brother singing Shine, a song wrote in conjunction with today event

Oh well, im still considering to go or not to go for jrs fa 2moro because im signing off now at 1.45 am.*ahem* :)

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