Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fish Spa Therapy

I had always wanted to try the fish spa therapy that is becoming increasingly popular in KL of late so me went to tried it out yesterday. There's an opening promotion at Morino Kaze which is located on the 2nd floor of Piccolo Galleria beside Lot 10. Instead of the usual RM 38 for 30 minutes, it is now currently only RM 19 for 30 minutes.

I was actually hesitant to tried as i was afraid it'll be ticklish and i will start giggling and laughing like crazy but in the end, i decided to gv it a shot anyhow since there weren't anyone else doing the therapy at that time. (so even if i started giggling and laughing nobody will stare at me =p). According to the owner of this fish spa, these doctor fishes are actually garra rufa fishes from Turkey. They are use to feed on skin of patients with psoriasis and they will only consume affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow. Even if you are totally normal and healthy and free from psoriasis, these fishes act to exfoliate the skin of your leg as well. In fact, they do not just feed on the leg, they can feed on other parts of the body as well, but more commonly on the leg.

Ally at the fish spa

The 1st time the 1st garra rufa bit on my feet, it send me into a burst of laughter. I can't help feeling ticklish and i was thinking to myself, if i could not even last through the first 5 minutes, how can i sit there for the rest of the 30 minutes. As more and more fishes came to feed on my feet, i started laughing uncontrollably as it felt really really ticklish with each bite they take. It felt like many many fishes rapidly kissing on you all around your leg. But after a while of getting use, the fishes actually look quite cute feeding on my leg and im actually enjoying it!

The fishes taking their feed..i kp jerking my leg once in a while when it gets too ticklish

Look! The fishes apparently don't quite like my leg but like his instead!

After the fish therapy, i also tried out their back massage which cost RM 22 only instead of the usual RM 44. The masseur is from China and she gave me a very good massage on the back after all those aching and tiredness that's been hiding within my back muscles since study break.

I also had some dim sum at Li Jin restaurant at Pavillion in the noon. The restaurant is also having 50% on all of their dim sums.

Xiao long bao

Prawn and mango fry together

Har kao..their prawns are real big

Fried dragon bearded prawn

Siew mai..still having prawn within the pork

I also finally tried KTZ at SS2. KTZ is suppose to be very popular with their deserts. They are popular for the sago-loh, which is actually shave ice, top with sago, fruits and syrups.

"Mat toh loh" which means it's the sago loh with a combination of all the fruits instead of just one type of's not too sweet which makes it thirst quenching and nice.

Among all the other finger food we had, i like this crab roll the most (crab meat, ham and cheese all wrap within the bread and fry)

What a ticklish but yet soothing and fun day it had been! :)

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Dont eat so much look fat. Are you overweight?

Yeah, its very common now for this fish therapy...i think Johor Bahru or Penang also have that.

who is "HE"??
good lar... u super rich ler~!

i mish u too!aish...sien la at home...seriously not doing the fish not ticklish meh??eeyerr.....sammore their tongue will come jilat ur feet...hahahah!

yoy not scare the tiny fish will penetrate into your feet kah? How much and how long was it take?

anonymous1 : thanks for your concern but im not overweight yet =p

anonymous2 : i'm not super rich. There are many other richer ppl out there :D

MS : yeap..indeed they are ticklish..u shd had come with me then you will know how it felt like ;)

anonymous3 : the fishes are actually not that tiny till they can penetrate your skin. Besides, our skin pores are way too small for even the tiniest fish to penetrate. Only milimeters and smaller organisms will be able to penetrate. It's RM 19 for half an hour. =D