Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Genting Half Day Trip

Su Sian and me at the Flying Jumbo (honestly i tink my nose looks very big in this pic, but it doesn't matter..cz i like this pic..haha)

I just got back from Genting not too long ago. Initially, i felt so tired that i thought i would fall asleep the moment i touched pillow but somehow after a hot, warm shower, i felt wide awake enough to blog bout our Genting outing today. As early as 6am, i was already awoke and i think it's more than 18 hours since i had stayed awake. Me and 15 of my ode coursemates went to Genting for half a day to simply enjoy the cool weather, unwind and play. There were supposed to be more, but in the end only 15 of us could make it. This would be our last huge outing in KL before we all moved to Kuala Terengganu.

The weather was good in the morning, but it started raining in the afternoon so we can only played the indoor games and rides. I think i been to Genting so many times that i almost tried every single ride in Genting from the adrenaline rush rides to the dizzy-makes-u-wna-nausea rides to the slow rides for those that do not enjoy fast and heart pumping rides. But today, as requested by my 'grandpa', we went for many slow rides aside the start ur adrenaline pumping Space Shot that i had not sat in ages such as the Monorail, Vintage Car, Venice Gondola, Rio Float and even the Flying Jumbo! haha.. talk bout relishing childhood memories*wink*

One looking so scared, one looking so happy while the other looked so calm

okok..im scare..no matter how matter times i been up on this thing, i still feel the same fear-plus-excitement each time this thing dropped (i can even count and predict when is this thing gna dropped once they reached the top but still i certainly will feel scare)

In the monorail, THE ride of the day =p

Before going home..it's only bout 7pm but the mist is already so thick and the whole outdoor theme park looked reali abandoned

Group pic

I came home feeling kinda weird, not seeing MS who had been staying with me for the past one week. We had spent so much time together eating and shopping for the past few days that it's kinda weird returning to an empty room now.

Oh well, I think my bed is finally calling out to me already. I'm going off to dreamland soon so toodles and good night world. :)

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woman! or more like women! referring to you and mingsiew! omg u two are crazy la! we're going to bangkok already! and u two are still shopping?!!! u guys can sponsor su sian and i man.. hahaha! i cant wait to go shopping in bangkok!!! u two need to stop for the mean time! hahaa! cant wait! see ya soon! hugs!

hahaha...NOT onli the nose is BIG, the mouth as well, much larger than de other girl.

mv : haha..we just went window shopping only..saving money for the bangkok trip as well..hehe..will let u know the budget asap..see ya soon! muacks ;)