Thursday, April 24, 2008

Post exam

Hurray! Yay! Yippee! After being MIA fr the cyberworld for more than 1 week or is it 2 weeks, im finally back! and i will continue to fill my blog with food pics (yeap, food is still a very appetizing stimulus), thoughts, randomness, feelings, etc etc..haha..

Exams is officially OVER today. I had mix feelings bout this exams ending. Of course im glad that it had ended, which meant no nd to be studying like a mad nerd everyday, with sleep deprivation, increase levels of noradrenaline, adrenaline and glucocorticoids (for thos of u that might not hv a clue what are they, those 3 hormones are hormones secreted by our body in response to stress), thickening eye bags, looking more and more like a zombie and horrible panda etc etc.. However, deep down, there's this worrying feeling tugging at the corner of my heart, filling the heart with a feeling of tightness that are non pathological in cause, a feeling that i been trying to kick off since we finish our paper at 12.40pm this afternoon.

Neway, my room is in a complete mess right now, well specifically speaking the tables actually because of the scattered notes, from 4 sems, and the rest of the things that i had not placed back in their ori position. But yet, im realli lazy to clear up the mess right im jz gna leave it as it is till i found the stimulus that will stimulate my brain to put all my muscles and bones etc into action and start making my room tidy and neat again.

Got an unexpected invi fr godbro for dinner at the Executive Lounge at Hilton Hotel. Well, the Executive lounge is accessible to Hilton hotel's guest either staying at the executive floor or possessing the executive membership and above, as well as outsiders. But outsider will have to pay for each dish they take while hotel guest can take anything for free inclusive of wines, juices and other beverages.

There's a jazz band playing while we dine, and the surrounding ambience and atmosphere is really soothing. It's a good and nice place for ppl to just hang out and talk, accompanied by wondeful jazz. (not the best jazz band but as we malaysians love to say 'boleh tahan'). Foodwise, the food are serve in small portions on small plates and so, u may have to take many many small plates b4 stomach has a sensation of fullness. The food are mediocre onli, their sushis weren't that nice, but their salmon in lemongrass are pretty good.

A tired looking me at the Exec Lounge

Some of the main dishes serve in multiple small plates

First round of food


Chocolates and desserts

More desserts

This mango drink that is only the size of a peel fresh small bottle and a bottle is charge RM 16 to RM 20 pr bottle.

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