Friday, April 25, 2008

Relaxing and Pampering Day at Hilton

Again, thanks to Gb invi, me and Ms spent a day of spa, jacuzzi, steam and swimming at Hilton hotel. :D

We started with the spa, occupying one whole room, in a relax environment. The spa room is really beautiful. They have a very Bali feeling, with two massage beds place in the middle of the room, a rounded jacuzzi tub at the end of the room, soft music and aromatherapy essence filling the room. Some really funny things happen, but ask me if u wna noe =p (they are a bit embarrassing to share with the world in public..hahaha)

Then we continued with the jacuzzi, hydrojets, steam and swim. It felt so good to go swimming again, or shd i say exercising again after so long of inactivity during study break.

The pool actually stretches from Hilton to Le Meridien which are side by side. I was feeling super stress at that time as well, because we were all waiting for the viva list to be released, so with the swimming, it really helped me to release tension.

Even at 3 in the afternoon, there were others swimming as well but today wasn't a very hot day, so i guessed thats why more ppl were swimming at that time.

However, after all the jacuzzi and swim, i actually felt my muscles aching..haha..guess i been really not using them for quite a while now, but im sure i will have a pretty good sleep later. After a day of being in close contact with anything that has got to do with water always makes me sleep very soundly.

After one whole afternoon there, our stomachs were growling in hunger cz we did not actually had lunch. But, i was glad to had spent such a great afternoon relaxing and pampering myself after the stressful exam and foc to boot..hahaha.. :)

MS and me

We had dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Pavillion. I discovered another place for oishi sushis in KL. For the plates sushi on the belt, there were a few varieties that is exclusively to Ichiban such as lobster on the beancurd skin, sushis wrapped with cheese, spicy tuna sushis and sushis with floss (ok, i forgot all of their exact name, but it's very distinguish) but it tasted really great and it's only RM 4 per plate. Although it's RM 4, but their portion of sushis are certainly larger than the 0nes at Sushi King and Sakae. So, 4 plates are enough to make a ger very full. We also tried their signature Ichiban soba, which is actually a concoction of cold soba noodles (buckwheat noodles), duck meat and some other condiments. I had never tried soba b4 so yesterday was my 1st time. And it tasted pretty good too, not as bad i tot it would have. Their adegashi tofu was nice too, with crispy tofu skin on the outside and soft white beancurd on the inside. The taste is also just right, not too sour nor too sweet. This time, wont post any food pic because due to my fon's condition deteriorating, the pics did not really turn out to look as nice as it taste. But in conclusion, it you are looking for jap food chain/restaurant that is still reasonable and filling at the same time, Ichiban is a pretty good consideration.

Anyways, result announcing later today, but now i don't feel so much of the tension as i had earlier this afternoon, but i know the feeling will come back again. Hope all is well. :D

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