Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Of Paddington Pancakes and Saisaki

Me, BS, JW, Sarah, MV and Lou met up at Paddington House of Pancake at 1U yesterday to celebrate Lou's belated birthday. There are over a hundred selections on their menu i guess judging from the thickness of their menus and their pancakes are divided into both the savory and sweet types and they are cook in different different ways. Quite creative.

We had quite a long lunch mainly discussing about our accommodation in KT. MV was there last Fri and apparently it's not easy looking for a place there. Hopefully can settle the accommodation problems as soon as possible.

Lou after being smack by the cake

San francisco..dory fillet with crepe pancake..the savory type

Pancake burger

Pancakes with strawberries, bananas and butter..the sweet type

Forgot the name of it..but its pancake with grill chicken, cheese and ham

Treasure box..with many mini dollar shape pancakes

Dollar pancake buckwheat bruschetta

Us at Paddington House of Pancake

As though the afternoon pancakes weren't enough, at night, me met up with Ed and Kz for Japanese buffet at Saisaki for dinner. It's suppose to be our farewell dinner since me and Ed will be moving up to KT soon and KZ will be leaving for Aussie too. Saisaki is also under the same management as Shogun and it's located at Wisma UOA. The selection of food is definitely wider and more abundant compared to Shogun in JB but I find the taste of food moderate. They have a wide range of sushis, sashimis, miso soups, tempuras, salmon burgers, grilled live prawns, deserts, mash potato etc etc etc. You have to see it for yourself to see the whole range of food. According to Ed, their standard had dropped from last time. But even on a Mon nite, the place is quite pack with people.


Cheese bake oyster



More sushis

Onion rings, calamari rings, dory fillet

Some of their fried udon, vege, glass noodles in jap style

Me, Ed and Kz

I seriously seriously need to shed off all these extra calories before moving up to KT. *determine* :)

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wah my stomach's grumbling to me! haha i want pancakes too!! looks delicious! oh and there's one picture the food was arranged to look like '100' or is it my post exam syndrome acting on me haha

hahaha..i saw the pic that you said arrange as a '100'! i didn't notice it until you point out..hahaha..

Can share with us its all about beauty?

sure..thanks for giving me the idea..i will try to share a topic bout it someday =D