Friday, May 02, 2008

Spending Labour Day

This year me and Sarah went hanging out at Mid Val and the Garden. I can still remember last Labour Day was spent at home studying for my end of year 1 professional exam. Luckily we went early and there was a nice parking space for us right in front of the entrance of the escalator to South court. As time pass, the malls became more and more packed with ppl. The cinema queue was so long that we gave up watching movie. Neway, i got a free makeup lesson by Benefit coupon, so we decided to make full use of it. Me and S head towards the Benefit counter in Metrojaya and we managed to learn a tips or two on make up from the make up artist there. And 1st time seeing S in make up..Sweet ^^. The make up artist is actually a guy and his name is Erich! Misspell it and you will get 'Enrich'! I like their liquid blusher, Bene tint, the most. All you need to do is apply 3 simple stroke on your face like cat whiskers and gently dab it with your finger and voila, u get rosy, natural looking pink cheeks. Besides, it's made from rose, so it can act both as a blusher and a lipstick!

After the little make up session, we had our lunch at a few snack stalls at the lower ground floor of Garden. First, we shared the oyster mee suah and crispy egg floss crepe from Shihlin. It's funny that none of us eat oysters but we ordered a bowl of oyster mee suah. We shd had just told the chef to gives us mee suah minus oyster but that be like 'ais kacang tanpa ais'..haha..But seriously, both were delicious and their XXL crispy chicken is also very good.

Oyster mee suah..they actually gave us 4 big oysters..what a waste!

Crispy egg floss crepe..i kinda like this quite a lot

Then we move on to some deserts,

Cendol from Jonker Sweet..the red bean, peanut and cincau blend in perfectly with the ice, green cendol thingy and gula melaka

tau fu fa from I Love Yoo..i don't like this..i think the one from the nite market in my area back home in JB is still the best! this one taste like there's a lot of filter water in them

you tiao and sesame peanut ball..both crispy enough

After a little window shopping, we stopped for cakes at Alexis.

Pavlova or also known as Mix Fruit Meringue..the toppings of this cake are fresh strawberries and blueberries which are sour, follow by layers of cream and this marshmallow-taste-alike layer and the side is made up of this crispy thingy that i don't know what is it call but it's made up of egg white and water and refrigerated..ah, the description of the cake don't matter, what matters is that it's yummy and worth trying!

S and me at Alexis

I had korean bbq for dinner. D introduced me this Korean restaurant call Han Woo Ri in Ampang. He told me that this is one of the best korean restaurant in KL. The price for the pork ribs are more expensive here but they are juicier and more succulent. The restaurant is located along Jalan Ampang Utama and this area is like a mini Korean village. There are many many more Korean restaurants in this area, and there's a few Korean minimarts, bakery, language centre, press centre, church and most of the houses nearby are also occupy by Koreans. Even the restaurants and minimarts are open by Koreans and you can really see a lot of Koreans eating or in this area. Nice!

The free side dishes

Pork ribs

Vegetable and beef bibim bap

Pajun..a kind of Korean spring onion pancake

We found this in ton of the Korean's actually fish ICE CREAM! But the only fish thing about this ice cream is its shape. The filling of the ice cream are actually vanilla and read bean

While trying to find our way out of Ampang using the MRR2, we 'accidentally' found out how to get to the Look Out Point in Ampang. Yeah, also known as the mini Genting of KL likely because we can have a good view of the city from the top of the tower. The view up there was really awesome as the blinking lights of the city below filled our eyes. A pretty nice place to chill I would say. :)

From the Look Out Point

The view from the look out point.

My camera phone is not doing all of these beautiful views enough justice. Well, time to invest in a  camera perhaps? :)

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Wasai, u know i was thinking to ask u to go to look out point since you are near to "Korean Town" haha

Guess u did enjoy la! Sighh i am facing exam fever now! Mon is my last paper!

haha..good luck in ur final paper..after this you 'merdeka' dy! =)