Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lemon Grass Cafe, Shangri La Hotel KL

I just checked my email and im in Group 2 for my next sem which means other than being in the same grp as DD (hurray! hehe), i will start with Medicine. Not really good for me because i had hope to start with Community Medicine, mainly because i have to miss a week of class during the AMSC in Japan. But well, i guessed it's the same after all, no matter what you start with.

Anyways i don't quite know what to blog on, so i decided to blog on a few things i had done in KL b4 i came back to JB. I didn't quite had the time to blog about it in KL so, just some belated posts. B4 leaving to Penang fr KL, me and BS went to Lemon Grass Cafe at Shangri La Hotel. We had heard so much about the buffet at this cafe and how delicious, nice, fresh, must-try etc etc it is although it's almost RM 100 per person. But since we were sort of gna bid KL farewell, we decided to just tried it out.

There were certainly a wide selection of food, there were the Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, Western, Japanese, desert, seafood etc sections. The seafood they have includes oysters, mussels, prawns and crabs all served on ice to maintain their freshness i suppose. However, i find all their seafood not really fresh and BS said their sashimis are not fresh either. Hmm.. The rest of the food also taste average to me, except for their cod fish and kebabs and pitas and deserts. I love their deserts the most because they have a chocolate fountain. Too bad, the white chocolate fountain is no longer there.

Even on a weekday, the place is almost fully packed with people, no wonder reservations for weekends have to be done at least 3 weeks in advance. But overall, this is definitely one of the best hotel buffets that I had eaten! :)





Sushis and sashimis

Scallops serve on spoon

Salad bar


The chocolate fountain..oohlala

Cakes and cupcakes

More lovely deserts

We can create this cream with ice and an assortment of condiments and fruits


Me and BS and yeap, there's sunflowers too! haha..

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