Sunday, May 25, 2008

Penang Medical Conference

I just came back from a 3 days 2 nights 14th Malaysian medical students conference held at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort in Penang. Other than the limited parking space, they have very nice beach right in front of the hotel. Actually i'm still in Penang, staying back after the conference for makan-makan =p.

Neway the theme for this yr conference is Emergency Medicine and through this conference, i had managed to gained some insight on emergency medicine. The 1st day of the conference was filled with registration, ice breaking session, opening ceremony and a grand dinner at night.

The 2nd day started as early as 7am for breakfast and continued with various talk sessions by medical doctors, debates and workshops in the afternoon. For all 3 days, we had our breakfast and lunch at Delifrance in the hotel. During the workshop sessions, we were divided into 3 big groups and we rotated between basic life support, surgical practical skills and MVA transportation workshops. In the surgical practical skills workshop, we managed to tried hands on on certain procedures such as insertion of central venous pressure line, insertion of chest tube, orthopaedic plastering, basic skills of laparoscopic surgery and colonoscopy. As for dinner, we had bbq but it was not the kind of bbq that we sit and had to get all sweaty and smelly over because the food had been bbq and served in buffet style.

The 3rd day was also filled with more talks and the closing ceremony which marked the end of the conference.

The 14th Malaysia Medical Students conference organized by Penang Medical College

Me by the beach

Band performance during the grand dinner

Us during the dinner

My favourite speaker during the debate

Practical orthopaedic plastering

Me and my group members during the workshop sessions

Demonstration on spinal cord injury transportation

BBQ dinner

Some of the doctors involved in the discussion on emergency medicine : The Golden Hour

And guess who else i met there? LW and Rac, my 2 ex-seniors now in IMU

UCSI delegates

Ok, time to go makan-makan now. Stay tuned for my next food update! :)

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Wow.. Ure fast at blogging..
the blog on the conference is already up!..
Wonder how come I missed meeting you at the conference..
Anyway I just setup a group at Facebook for those at conference, for networking purpose.
Do join the group.
Its named "SMMAM's emergency medicine conference Penang '08".