Thursday, May 29, 2008

Penang Trip

Yeahh! I'm finally back to home sweet home. I took a flight back from Penang to Jb which saves me almost 8 hours of long bus ride. Basically for the past 3 days in Penang, i hadn't been doing much other than trying out more local Penang food. Well, after all Penang is known for their glorious food, so what can be better than eating in Pg? haha..

The journey there..I took the ferry fr Seberang Prai to Penang island

Among some of the must-haves in Penang, the very famous char kuey teow along Lorong's expensive due to the big prawns they gv

Penang of the most popular stall in Pg is this stall opposite the Air Itam market, near the Kek Lok Si temple

These aunties are really strong..they all look late 60's onwards but yet they can still sit by the roadside selling their curry laksa with full energy

The curry laksa, with pork blood for all those dat love pork blood

There were so much more of the food that i ate for the the past 3 days such as prawn mee, 3am duck rice, tom yam, nyonya cuisine etc etc. Time to start exercising! haha..

This is jz some of the candid random shots we took during breakfast..(ps : the whole conversation was made up by me, so ED and KY, don't kill me!)

I watched Indiana Jones the 2nd time at Queensbay Mall and i still laugh pretty hard. Anyways i came across this pretty interesting restaurant at Queensbay, it's call the T-bowl Concept Restaurant. T-bowl basically stands for toilet bowl, so u get it. The restaurant has a toilet concept, so their food are served in mini 'toilet-bowls' and their seats are actual toilet-bowls. Real toilet bowls that one do their business in. Their tables are sinks and they have toilet bowl shape lamps and shower stands to decorate the restaurant. It's a very refreshing and innovative idea, although not all might like the idea of eating in a "toilet" but it's a good and funky place to try out. None the less, I find the food so-so only.

The toilet bowl seats

The table

Cheese baked rice in a toilet bowl

Other than the food, i also went to Chew's Jetty, one of the largest jetty in Penang and where BS's grandmum stays. During the Hokkien new year, this jetty will have the grandest celebration in Penang. And this is the very jetty that is recently declared a World's Heritage site and also a film scene in our local movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

Chew's Jetty, it opens directly into the sea and there's alot of monitor lizards there

We also went up the Penang dam again.

Penang dam

SK, me, SS and HW

Bidding goodbye to Penang!

It's a really different Penang trip this time round, but it was really a good one :)

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