Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sawasdee Bangkok 1

Bangkok Bangkok, here i come!

It's been 3 days since i got back from Bangkok but now only i finally had time to blog bout the trip. We flew off from LCCT on Sunday morning, Mothers' Day and arrived at Bangkok at about 11 smt local time. I always love the window seat so i sat by the window watching the puffy cute white clouds below us and sometimes the plane going through them. From above, all the houses look like rows of matchbox houses and cars look like Hotwheel models.

Neway, Bangkok greeted us with a warm sun and it somewhat look similar to KL, but with taller buildings and more congested roads and highways. We booked a mini van from the airport and checked into our hotel. The hotel that we stayed is the Krit Thai Mansion but its nothing like a mansion. It's actually a ten storey building located right beside the National Stadium skytrain station and within 5 min walk to the Siam Centre. Me and MS shared a room and the 1st room we got was really terrible. The beds, tv etc were fine but the toilet was definitely not. The toilet seats were not clean, there was stains on it and while me and MS called room service and waited for the room service ppl to come, suddenly there was a loud bubbling sound coming from the toilet! It sounds pretty creepy at that time because we heard this 'blub blub blub then like-people-gargling-but-on-a-large-scale-kinda-sound'. So we tiptoed towards the toilet to check out the source of the creepy sound and voila, this was what we found,

Bubble foams spilling out of control fr the toilet seat!

So the both of us immediately requested for a changed of room. After settling our room issue, we quickly make our way to our 1st stop - the Chatuchak/ Jatujak market, the largest weekend market in Bangkok. There are over 15,000 shops and stalls there and MV said its the size of ten football field. It's divided into 27 sections such as the clothes, bags, shoes, socks, households, animals, plants, food, potteries, etc etc. The market is only open during the weekends and since we arrived there quite late, we didn't really had time to explored every single section. On top of that, we did not had the map of the Jatujak market to help us move around the whole area and it started pouring heavily late afternoon.

Before it started raining at the Chatuchak/ Jatujak market

Having lunch at one of the brown noodle soup stalls in the market

Ms and me at one of the shop selling t-shirts. T-shirts there are really cheap, can get as low as RM 10 one, and some are really cute, but some the quality are not so good

Pasar-malam like make shift stall

Big Mouth dolls, bags, keychains etc

The flower section

100% pure and fresh honey

Thai style ice cream

Fried bird's eggs

Roast fatty pork (siew yok)

These tasted like fried fishcake

The ceramic part. I bought a ceramic jug with elephant designs and carvings that is really beautiful

Glass decos

The pet shop, the glass doors are lock and i guess they only let in really interested customers

Alaska husky


It was pretty uncomfortable walking around in the rain so I didn't bought much stuff. Besides, the whole place was so large it got us dizzied from walking around I really wasn't in much mood to scavenge for treasures. We went to MBK food court for dinner. Food there are not bad, quite nice in fact if compared to some other places we ate for the coming days.

MBK shopping mall

In front of every store, there's a pot of hot water to sterilise our utensils

Tom yum goong

Pad Thai. Thai style char kuey teow

The famous Thai mango sticky rice

Crepe with sweet potato and corn

Some kind of Thai sweets in cute shapes

Seriously, Thais should have high rate of diabetes cases looking at the way they love sweet stuff. Instead of adding pepper or salt, they love to add sugar to their food. Even their tom yam is more sweet!

Although it was still raining we decided to go to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Things here are much more expensive than Jatujak so we just walked around and look at their stuff. Basically, things here are almost the same and there was a sudden total blackout of the whole area while we were there.

Me at the entrance

Their mock statement tees- punnish and funny

Puppies are really everywhere there..

After such a tiring day of walking, we decided to give our feet some pampering, so we went for their famous Thai foot massage. I felt the foot massage really helped to relieve that lactic acid accumulation feeling on my leg but poor MS got extra souvenirs that came along with her foot massage! :)

Enjoying the ticklish and painful massage

After the massage we were served tea, me and my massager

That basically sums up day 1. We got back to our room tired and sleepy. Day 2 to be continued... :)

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Hi hi :) I Just been to Jatutak 2 weeks ago! It was great fun shopping :P Went there with my husband and you have made the right choice to go with your girl frens.. coz not many guys love to shop... (including my hubby lar..) ahaha... Hope to see more good post from you..